Here are some interesting new and limited edition products found on store shelves by us and your fellow readers. If you’ve tried any of the products, share your thoughts about them in the comments.

Trader Joe's Pumpkin O's

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Pie Mochi Ice Cream

I looked at Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer and we’ve only covered some of the new Trader Joe’s pumpkin products. (Spotted by Steve at Trader Joe’s.)

Haribo Sour Gold-Bears Gummi Candy

I’m so glad these aren’t sugar free Haribo Sour Gold-Bears Gummi Candy. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Go read the reviews for this product on Amazon. (Spotted by Joshua at Target.)

Over the Top Zombie Dance Party Cookie Kit

Over the Top Eerie Brains Cupcake Kit

Cool! I can recreate the dance scene in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” with COOKIES! ‘Cause this is thriller, thriller night. (Spotted by Johnny at Basha’s.)

Farm Rich Pepperoni Pizzeria Bites

I think I’ve covered new pizza bites from three different companies within the past month or so. I wonder if they all ooze out innards while being heated in the microwave or oven like Totino’s Pizza Rolls? (Spotted by Nick at Walmart.)

Nestle Coffee-mate Toll House Snickerdoodle Coffee Creamer

Cookkee-mate. (Spotted by Nick at Walmart.)

Thank you to all the photo contributors! If you’re out shopping and see an interesting new or limited edition product on the shelf, snap a picture of it, and send us an email ([email protected]) with where you found it and “Spotted” in the subject line. Or reply to us (@theimpulsivebuy) on Twitter with the photo and the hashtag #spotted. If you do so, you might see your picture in our next Spotted on Shelves post.

Also, if you’re wondering if we’ve already covered something, search our Flickr photos to find out.

6 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES – 10/15/2014”

  1. The Haribo Bear’s off center, Bowtie? Bugs me. If they centered it I would definitely buy their Candy.

  2. Suck it Banquet and your take-off on Farm Rich’s original pizza slices…Farm Rich has new game.

  3. Picked up 2 bags of the sour gummy bears at target yesterday. Not too sour but definitely better than a normal bear. Some seem more sour than others. I will buy again…..and again…..and again …

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