ANNOUNCEMENT: New Impulsive Buy Writer Taylor

Before I delve into my introduction I would like to preface with: I am addicted to Taco Bell.

I have been an addict to the Bell for about a year now — thanks in large part to vodka on the weekends. Let’s be real. We all know that out of the $450 million* Taco Bell brings in a year, much of that come from drunk customers. Can I get an amen?

I look at this opportunity with The Impulsive Buy as my savior. Not only for allowing me another creative outlet such as writing, but also an interventional** tool to replace my high-fat, high-sodium rich diet of Taco Bell with other high-fat, high-sodium rich foods. Just trying to expand my horizons.

I’m Taylor, an Oregon native who grew up in an extremely small town that I’m sure none of you have heard of. So, I’ll save you the agony of hearing me bitch about it like I have pressed upon so many people for 25 years now. Moving on.

I moved to Portland about six years ago to enroll in a Graphic Design program where I poured my blood, sweat and tears into a portfolio I haven’t since touched. But hey, I have that really cool piece of paper that I spent 40K+ to obtain! Currently, I work for a major Grocery Corporation that has subsidiary companies all over the United States. I have become exceptionally good at stapling.

And Googling.

Life has not yet handed me anything that requires a massive amount of attention, like a husband or child (I am thankful for the absence of both of those, right now, so hold up on feeling sorry for me) so when I am not busy mastering the art of stapling 75 pages with one single swipe and click, I am usually adventuring with friends and/or my dog, Forrest, the most mellow Labrador you will ever meet. I am looking forward to spending more of my free time feeding you my two cents on whether or not a product is worth your hard earned money.

Let’s Eat!


*I am not a reputable source for Taco Bell’s profit margins.

**“Interventional” is a word that means something completely different than what I have intended it for, but it sounds better, so there.

11 thoughts to “ANNOUNCEMENT: New Impulsive Buy Writer Taylor”

  1. Love your P.S. notes…and your review of pumpkin pie gelato was stellar. I’m drooling…and hunting…

  2. Welcome, Taylor!

    I too am from a rural town of which no non-local individual has heard (unless they happen to be passing through or have a penchant for small, unassuming country villages). Maybe instead of “interventional,” you could say it was an obligatory agent of change? Good first review. I hope this outlet brings great success for you!

  3. I’m also from Portland (well, just outside of it). Taco Bell has like 10 different ingredients, and for some reason, no matter the configuration, the are amazingly delicious. Half of the greatness of Taco Bell is getting out of there with a full stomach for under $4.

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