ANNOUNCEMENT: The Nosh Show #41 Lick a Tree

In this episode, Ryan, Dubba, Eric, and I talk about Red Velvet Oreo Cookies, Taco Bell’s Sriracha Menu, Sara Lee Gingerbread Pound Cake, Lay’s Do Us a Flavor winner, and much more. We also hold a Halloween candy draft. Links to the products we talk about are available at

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After listening, vote below to determine who drafted the BEST Halloween candy collection!

Thanks for listening!

3 thoughts to “ANNOUNCEMENT: The Nosh Show #41 Lick a Tree”

  1. I voted Eric….I’m not a big fan of Carmel and nuts in candy bars, I like ones like 3 Musketters, Reese’s Cups and the Reese’s Peanut butter bar, and York Pepperment patties. And you can’t beat downing a mouthful of Nerds 🙂

  2. I know this probably doesn’t matter, but my mom works for nabisco and her boss confirmed that the red velvet oreos are real and will be released after halloween as a kind of Special Christmas cookie.

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