SPOTTED ON SHELVES: MiO Orange Vanilla Liquid Water Enhancer

MiO Orange Vanilla Liquid Water Enhancer

If you’re one of those people who wants to drink Orange Creamsicle-flavored water, I’d highly recommend you pass by these at the store, walk a few yards to the freezer section, pick up some Orange Creamsicles instead, and make your taste buds happy. (Spotted by CLyals at Meijer.)

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22 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: MiO Orange Vanilla Liquid Water Enhancer”

  1. I think that sounds disgusting. Who wants to drink that? I’ll prefer an actual cold refreshing creamy creamsicle.

  2. I work at a small Grocery Store and we never sell this stuff. It just sits here and we end up throwing it away when it expires.

    1. Why not donate it to the community? I think MiO is now becoming a thing of the past. I stopped buying flavor enhancers because of the high sweetness level.

      1. A lot of stores/companies won’t donate expired or damaged foods and drinks because of the potential law suit if someone were to get sick or suffer an allergic reaction from it.

  3. The orange vanilla mio is excellent and tastes better than you think. The Meijer store near me can’t keep it on the shelf. Unfortunately, they are well stocked with the other flavors that are marginal at best. The problem is, why can’t grocery stores learn how to order product and keep shelves stocked appropriately? Maybe then products wouldn’t get thrown away.

  4. I drink a lot of Mio, along with the other liquid water flavors. I have a sparkling water dispensing fridge, and this orange vanilla Mio is my favorite right now. I’m going to buy every one the store has next trip.

  5. We got some of these tonight and it’s really good! I don’t add much to my water, but it still tastes refreshing. My Meijer only had a few, but I got 5 as part of the buy 8 items and get $8 off. My husband takes them to work. We both drink 100 plus ounces of water a day and sometimes it’s nice as a treat to break up all the water.
    We will for sure watch for it the next time it’s on sale. I had coupons too so even better.

  6. I found this at Krogers in belpre and it’s really good I’d like to get some more of this flavor but Krogers said it’s been discontinued Do u know where I can buy more

  7. Just tried this flavor. Its really sweet, but I probably just added too much. Its an unexpected flavor for mio to produce, but overall, it’s pretty good.

  8. Try dipping you orange cream pop in water to add flavor…..yeah I thought so.
    That’s the point of these mio and other flavor enhancers.
    I didn’t think it be all that good until I tried it.
    Then I added a life to my unsweet ice tea…..amazing!

  9. The orange crime Mio is amazingly great. My husband and I both love it. I buy everyone on the shelf when I go shopping. Creamsicles might sound great but for anyone who tries to stay on the healthier side, like us, this hits the spot. I only hope Mio produces more cream flavors. I have told everyone I know about this flavor. Absolutely love it!

  10. “Do not pass this by”. It has become my favorite flavor. You can add as much or as little to satisfy to your own taste. All I need is a quick splash and I love it! I think it is very tasty. It is helping me consume a lot more water than drinking it plain. “Give it a try, you will not be sorry.”

  11. At first I thought I wouldn’t like it, but I bought it anyways, and tried this for the 1st time yesterday…. LOVE IT!! Going back to buy more for sure!!!

  12. Love, love, love this stuff. I bought some in a clearance cart at Wal-Mart. Now I’m shopping online to find it!

  13. I LOVE this flavor. Unfortunately I found out after only two days using it that I’m allergic to something in it that the other flavors I normally drink don’t have. I have vertigo and nausea and my ears are ringing. So no more orange vanilla. I usually drink the pomegranate berry or cranberry. The orange vanilla is delicious and for someone who love orange cream sickles but also doesn’t have the option of diving head first into the ice cream freezer section, it’s a wonderful alternative.

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