SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Pepsi Max Cherry Blast

Pepsi Max Cherry Blast

I believe this is the first new Pepsi Max variety since Pepsi Max Cease Fire. But a cherry version is something that Pepsi should’ve had years ago. (Spotted by Joshua at 7-Eleven.)

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5 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Pepsi Max Cherry Blast”

  1. Speaking of Pepsi. A little Birdie told me that Pepsi is bringing back Crystal Pepsi “for a limited time” later in the year. to cash in on nostalgia no doubt.

  2. man, how about they bring back diet Pepsi Twist, the only fruit-accented cola beverage that didn’t taste like furniture polish?

  3. Found Pepsi Max Cherry Blast at 7-11 and being a huge fan of Pepsi Max (actually it’s the only soda I drink) so gave it a try…..I LOVE IT……the only problem is, it’s not sold by the case nor is it in the grocery stores. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE put it in cases and make it more accessible. Thank you Pepsi for a great new product.

  4. I also just saw this beautiful red and black can at walmart and as an avid pepsi max drinker had to try. Delicious. Now I can’t find it anymore.

    1. I just found the cherry Max at Quik Trip here in Tulsa. Better than the diet cherry Pepsi. I hope they bring it out in the 2-liter and 12-packs soon!

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