COMING SOON: Mountain Dew Dew Shine

Mountain Dew Dew Shine

Update: We reviewed it! Click here to read our Dew Shine review.

In 2012, Mountain Dew introduced Johnson City Gold, an alcohol-sounding, non-alcoholic beverage. It was a malt and citrus soda that was released in a handful of regions across the country, but didn’t see a nationwide rollout.

Now it appears Mountain Dew is set to release another alcohol-sounding, non-alcoholic beverage — Mountain Dew Dew Shine. Also, much like Johnson City Gold, which paid homage to the birthplace of Mountain Dew soda, Dew Shine seems to honor the origins of Mountain Dew’s name. For those of you not familiar with alcohol slang, Mountain Dew was originally slang for moonshine.

According to the label, Dew Shine has a “clear citrus Dew flavor” and is made with real sugar. The label also features Willie the Hillbilly, the original Mountain Dew mascot, and “It’ll Tickle Yore Innards”, the original Mountain Dew slogan. The blog MtnDewKid was fortunate enough to receive samples and has a review of the beverage.

Mountain Dew Dew Shine is expected to be available in late March.

(Thanks to Richard at for the photo and hat tip to Hayden for letting us know about it.)

21 thoughts to “COMING SOON: Mountain Dew Dew Shine”

    1. Pitch Black is in need of a rerelease, it’s been a few years and it’s not like won’t eat it up. I’d much rather have that than another Game Fuel or Baja Blast in bottles.

      1. I guess that just shows that people are different. My daughter LOVES the Baja Bast and we could only get it out of the fountain machines at Taco Bell. They came out in 20 oz bottles for a little while but cannot get them anymore.

  1. I’m still waiting for a consistent source for MTD Code Red. I know they still make it because I see it a few times a year. None of my local stores have it anymore. I’m tired of so many companies debuting new products and then discontinuing them. Why even bother to try something new?

    1. That’s odd. Code Red is still very much in production and is available seemingly everywhere here in California, as is Voltage and White Out. Livewire seems to come and go, which is a shame because I love it.

      1. Best way to find what you want is to go to a store early in the morning while the Pepsi distributor is still there and just ask them point blank: “Hey, do you know if any stores carry _____?” They would probably know, as your average distributor services several different stores, and if you ask enough, they might look into it further for you.

    2. It is still available. It is probably only available in certain regions. We have it all the time in south minnesota. At the same time we can not get Live Wire because of Pepsi’s deal with the Sunkist company.

    3. its in these walmarts here. in 20 oz bottles 12 oz cans 2 liters and 12 packs as well as the 24 pack cubes. in central fl.

    4. I’ve found it in Oregon Washington Arizona and California as I was driving through, it’s all over the west coast.. But the east is still undetermined by my account as I’ve yet to travel over there

      1. What its not in Arizona im in Tucson arizona and it’s not here did you drive through Phoenix arizona

    5. We have code red in all our local stores in Athens Georgia. Guess it’s a regional thing

  2. If your some where that dont have livewire use 1 1/2’oz. High c orange and fill the glass with reg,mt,dew. Same goes for some of the other flavors you might have to adjust to your tast works good in 8oz glass.

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