FAST FOOD NEWS: Sonic Ultimate Chicken Sandwiches

Sonic Ultimate Chicken Sandwich

Sonic has been testing chicken sandwiches that are more premium than their premium chicken sandwiches.

Sonic’s Ultimate Chicken Sandwiches feature a premium 6 oz. fillet with a brioche bun, and come in two simple varieties — Traditional and Classic. The Traditional Ultimate Chicken Sandwich is topped with pickles and mayo, while the Classic has lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

The Ultimate Chicken Sandwiches have a price of $5.99.

If you’ve tried it, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

(Image via TIB contributor Adam.)

10 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Sonic Ultimate Chicken Sandwiches”

  1. Just had it tonight and was not impressed at all. Hardee’s and Arby’s are much better and cheaper.

    1. Had it today for lunch and was terribly disappointed. Chicken was rubbery and tasted fake, bun was flattened. I totally agree with Jessica’s comment that Hardee’s and Arby’s are much better and cheaper. Sonic, you can do way better than this.

  2. It is better than their normal chicken, but it needs to be fresh. It takes 6 minutes to cook, but it is well worth the wait so ask for it fresh.

    The bun is what makes the whole sandwich. Order a cheeseburger on the brioche bun, you will never go back to the normal bun. They can get rid of the chicken for all I care.

    Good Luck,
    Sonic Employee

  3. I was really excited to see this, bought two of them. I was not impressed. The sandwich just has a really offputting aftertaste…and $5.99 for just the sandwich is verging on ridiculous. I’ll stick with Chick-Fil-A.

  4. I just had this a few minutes before my local Sonic closed (10pm here.) and I don’t see why so many people are complaining. I had both versions and they were good (liked the Traditional more as the mayo and pickles gave it more of a slight but enjoyable tangy sour taste. It’s enough to be noticed, but not overpowering.)

    Both sandwiches were warm (meaning they were freshly made.) and they were good. Then again my local Sonic is usually on the top of their game. Fries are mostly hot, sandwiches freshly made and not just sitting there hours upon hours waiting to be ordered (Unlike most places. I worked at a McDonald’s and most of their sandwiches were made and they just sat there waiting for someone to order them.)

    Point is this, don’t demean something until you love had the item during different times of the day. Just like any other fast food joint Sonic gets busy, and that can affect food quality. Getting anything fresh always makes them taste better.

    Chicken was thoroughly cooked, bun wasn’t flat or anything, perfect amount of mayo, etc.

    I’ll definitely be getting another. As I said above, my local Sonic is usually (about 90% of the time) is on the top of their game. I’m really impressed when I compare them to my other local fast food joints. Price is of course off putting, but I go for quality, and they have it.

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