SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Trader Joe’s Fireworks Chocolate Bar

Trader Joe's Fireworks Chocolate Bar

Not the first chocolate bar with popping candy and heat. But it’s the first chocolate bar with popping candy and heat in a wrapper that makes you want to yell, “Get a room, you two!” (Spotted by Sylvia at Trader Joe’s.)

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7 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Trader Joe’s Fireworks Chocolate Bar”

  1. That sounds good! Hopefully it will be popular and will not discontinue. I’ll give it a try. For $1.99 that is a great deal

  2. It’s the BEST chocolate ever! I found it yesterday and gave it a try. It’s amazing and fun! The pop candy and the cayenne pepper give a fun kick to the dark chocolate. I shared with everybody around me and everybody loves it!

  3. These are really freaking weird. I tried it and i would like it without the weird crackle effect, but with the effect i hate it. It feels like you\’re chewing on plastic or something

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