SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Häagen-Dazs Artisan Collection Ice Cream

Ha?agen-Dazs Artisan Collection Ice Cream

Ha?agen-Dazs Artisan Collection

Häagen-Dazs has teamed up with small confection makers that you’ve probably never heard of to create the Artisan Collection ice cream line.

For this new line, the giant ice cream company has collaborated with My Sweet Brigadiero to make Tres Leches Brigadeiro Ice Cream, Clairesquares to produce Chocolate Caramelized Oat Ice Cream, The Jam Stand to create the flavor Banana Rum Jam, Christopher Elbow Chocolates to make Spiced Pecan Turtle Ice Cream, and The Good Batch to develop the Ginger Molasses Cookie flavor. (Spotted by AK at Target and Dan at Woodman’s. And thanks to On Second Scoop for some of the flavor info.)

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  1. I bought the Spiced Turtle Pecan at Target. It is incredible! I hope to be able to find some of the other flavors too.

  2. I need to know where can I buy Artisan tres leche ice cream by Haagen-Dazs I cannot find it on any stores?

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