COMING SOON: Limited Edition S’mores Oreo Cookies

S more Oreo

I’m just going to leave this photo here. My source tells me they’ll be available in either April or May.

(Image via @michael_desouza on Twitter and hat tip to @TheJoshCatlett.)

21 thoughts to “COMING SOON: Limited Edition S’mores Oreo Cookies”

    1. Why do you put a new cookie out like the one named s’mores , and only for limited time ???? It’s not fair to people ?????

    1. Disagree. That would create the impression that these are a brand new line. I want to thin these are just new (better) Oreos. Can’t wait.

      1. There WILL NEVER BE AN OREO BETTER THEN THE ORIGINAL OREO. but yes they will be delicious

    2. I said the exact same thing to my girlfriend last night immediately upon seeing this blog entry. What were they thinking??!

  1. The next thing they might crank out is “moreos”. They need to get that now. I can see Trader Joe’s creeping behind with the new Joe O’s. Cookie Butter Joe O’s need to come out.

      1. I know that but I’m talking about Joe O’s wafer the chocolate kind and make a cookie butter crème.

  2. one thing here.. alot of times oreos have done good on the flavors ad bleep.. and alot of other timees just lain sad.. red velvet.. for those that want thtat.. gt keeebler… they r in target… smores is one of those flavord that can go eaither way…. but im glad i am able to fnd out befrehand how they r before gettng them.. i do not expect them to get it…. bold move but until i know i will not get them… oreos should die

  3. They still need to do a banana split that has 3 cookies and 2 different fillings(maybe to be the chocolate and either strawberry or caramel sauce) and the cookies being the ice cream flavors or something along those lines

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