SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Cape Cod Tortilla Dipping Shells

Cape Cod Tortilla Dipping Shells Ancient Grains and Cape Cod Tortilla Dipping Shells Four Bean

Cape Cod Tortilla Dipping Shells Blue Corn Multigrain

I learned about spelt and kamut from that new Cheerios Ancient Grains cereal. And now these Cape Cod Tortilla Dipping Shells Ancient Grain chips have just introduced me to another ancient grain — amaranth. Who knew processed food could be so educational? (Spotted by Leah at Giant.)

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4 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Cape Cod Tortilla Dipping Shells”

  1. Those rolled out here too. They’re not bad! They’re a touch heavier in feel and texture than your average tortilla chip, though.

  2. Haven’t seen these yet, but I used to make simple bread with amaranth flour (1 cup for every 4 cups wheat). It was amazing! It tasted so good that it didn’t need anything else on it, just the bread was enough. So there’s a good chance that this is good. Quinoa makes good crackers also. The other bags show a rice and corn and chia combo- Tostitos has one in their scoops line that adds buckwheat as well, and it’s great. I know they’re just adding such things to pretend their chips are “healthy” but the combos can really be tasty.

  3. Never seen the Cape Cod brand tortilla chips – or shells. I usually get the Costco brand Que Pasa chips. They do the job!

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