SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Red Bull Total Zero Orange and Cherry Editions

Red Bull Total Zero Orange and Cherry Editions

In case you want the Red Bull Editions Cliff Notes…the Red Bull Editions line started with Red, Blue, and Silver Editions. The Summer Edition is now the Yellow Edition. And now there’s an Orange Edition and a Cherry Edition. I wonder if they all come together to form a giant robot. (Spotted by Aaron at Fred Meyer.)

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2 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Red Bull Total Zero Orange and Cherry Editions”

  1. I have tried “Orange” flavor and it’s quite revolting. A very very artifical and fake tangerine flavor. The artifical sugar is also very pronounced.

  2. I tried the “Wild Cherry” flavor and agree with the comment above – completely revolting. The cherry flavor is not very pronounced; it’s more just an artificial sweetness that could pass as several flavors.

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