SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Peeps Limited Edition Lime Delight, Orange Delight, and Lemon Delight

Peeps Limited Edition Lime Delight

Peeps Limited Edition Orange Delight

Peeps Limited Edition Lemon Delight

The green one looks radioactive. The orange one looks like it got a bad spray tan. And the yellow one looks like it’s showing its dominance over other chicks by sitting on an egg yolk and saying, “This can happen to you.” (Spotted by Ryan at Target and Carla at Walmart.)

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12 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Peeps Limited Edition Lime Delight, Orange Delight, and Lemon Delight”

  1. I’m not a Peeps sorta guy, but these all look good and refreshing to me–I’d pick these up.

  2. Marvo, I noticed now the spotted on shelves posts are individual posts not in 1 post. Is this a new format?

    The peeps looks refreshing. They need to do an apple pie flavor peeps or even a cinnamon one.

    1. There still will be Spotted posts with multiple products, but I’ve decided to make the more interesting products individual posts. A reason why is because it helps me determine what products we should be reviewing. By using things like Facebook likes, Tweets, and saves on Feedly, I can determine how much interest a product has among readers.

    2. I have been waiting many years for a Cinnamon Peep. Their was a Malcolm in the Middle episode where Francis (the oldest brother) ate what they called Cinnamon Chicks which were basically Cinnamon Peeps. He bet he could eat 100 of them and did barely. Ever since watching that episode when it first aired I thought they should really make those.

  3. Oh Lord, why?

    Can’t wait for dragon fruit and pomegranate, maybe carrot flavor or celery and peanut butter.

  4. I have tried the Orange Delight Peeps that were “spotted.” As someone who has to be totally gluten free, Peeps are the best thing ever. The Orange Delights taste just like the Hostess orange cupcakes that I can no longer have so I will keep looking for more. YUM!!!!

  5. I tried the LEMON ones and OMG…….. I bought a pack of three and they were gone before I left the parking lot and now….. I’m going to go back and buy a dozen more. It was like lemon meringue pie and I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

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