COMING SOON: Nabisco Limited Edition Cotton Candy Oreo Cookies

Nabisco Limited Edition Cotton Candy Oreo Cookies

I’m just going to leave this here. I have no idea when it will be available. Good idea or gross idea? (Image via cookie0man on Instagram)

17 thoughts to “COMING SOON: Nabisco Limited Edition Cotton Candy Oreo Cookies”

  1. It could be a good thing or a bad thing. Why they don’t do a popping cream kind with pop rocks? That would be awesome or a spicy oreo.

  2. I noticed on the instagram account that the user gets advance look at the products. I wonder if that person works for Nasbico and leaked the photos.

  3. What is the expiration time on an Oreo? I’m sure this information is available. However long it is, just subtract that from Aug 20, 2015 and you’ve got a release date, or at least a date by which they’ll be out.

    As far as how these look, I don’t know how I feel about those colors… Good move on the golden cookie, though.

  4. Why do these special edition Oreos come in smaller packages? I saw the Red Velvet in the same smaller size, sitting next to the regular packages of traditional Oreo flavors.

    1. what do you expect with the direction america is going.they started with the school lunch’s,now they are headed to the grocery stores

  5. Just the thought is making my teeth melt out of my head. I have a major sweet tooth but these might be where I draw the line.

  6. Have a feeling these will either be really good, or horrible. Cotton candy has such delicate flavoring.. Probably ramp up the sugar content and add in some sort of flavoring.

  7. I hope I see these on the shelves of my grocery store soon. I love Oreos and I love cotton candy. Hopefully, the combination works.

  8. I spotted these yesterday at my local MD target. The package seems the same size as the red velvet ones. It was kind of shocking to find them this early, i figured they would hit shelves closer to summer.

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