REVIEW: V8 Healthy Greens Veggie Blends

V8 Veggie Blend Healthy Greens

When poured into a glass, V8’s Healthy Greens Vegetable and Fruit Juice Beverage looks like I’m using that glass to shovel out water from an unkept backyard swimming pool. It doesn’t look very appetizing, but…now at this point, because I typed “but” after a negative comment, you might think I’m about to say something positive. Maybe say, “but it brings immense pleasure to the thousands of taste buds on my tongue.”

But I’m not going to say that.

It doesn’t look very appetizing, but it’s what I expected for a juice called “Healthy Greens” that contains spinach puree, yellow carrot juice concentrate, cucumber juice concentrate, celery juice concentrate, kale juice, romaine lettuce juice, and green bell pepper juice. But it’s not all vegetables. To prevent the juice from becoming completely gag-alicious, there are also apple and pineapple juices.

Now some of you might think I’m being an unappetizing green beverage hater, but I assure you I’m not. I’m a big fan of Odwalla’s Superfood Smoothie that has kale, spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass, wheat sprouts, Jerusalem artichoke, and Nova Scotia dulse. And it looks like pond scum.

So what does this V8 vegetable and fruit juice that doesn’t have eight vegetables taste like?

V8 Veggie Blend Healthy Greens Closeup

Its flavor reminded me of Campbell’s Vegetable soup, but cold and not as salty. It smelled tomatoey, even though there’s no tomatoes. It’s a bit sweet due to the apple and pineapple juice, but the vegetable flavor is dominant. I know that’s a bit gross, but the thing is, I didn’t feel compelled to spit it out.

Actually, the first sip was the worst, because I wasn’t sure what flavors were going to hit my tongue. And I got used to it after a few more sips. It’s the same reactions I had when I tasted the Odwalla Superfood Smoothie for the first time.

However, V8’s Healthy Greens juice is not anywhere close to being as tasty as an Odwalla Superfood Smoothie. But that’s understandable since the smoothie has more than twice the amount of sugar than the V8 juice.

It doesn’t bring immense pleasure to the thousands of taste buds on my tongue, but it tastes okay enough that I don’t mind drinking it in order to get a serving of vegetables.

(Nutrition Facts – 8 ounces – 60 calories, 0 calories from fat, 0 grams of fat, 0 grams of saturated fat, 0 milligrams of cholesterol, 70 milligrams of sodium, 320 milligrams of potassium, 14 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of fiber, 11 grams of sugar, 1 gram of protein, 20% vitamin A, 2% calcium, 100% vitamin C, 20% vitamin E, and 2% iron.)

Item: V8 Healthy Greens Veggie Blends
Purchased Price: $1.79 (sale price)
Size: 46 fl. oz.
Purchased at: Target
Rating: 6 out of 10
Pros: Not gross enough to make me spit it out. A serving of veggie per 8 ounces. Provide 100% of your vitamin C. No added sugar. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.
Cons: Looks like algae infested swimming pool water. Doesn’t have eight vegetables. Should’ve been a little bit more sweeter. Since it just juice, there isn’t a lot of fiber. Learning romaine lettuce juice is a thing.

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  1. This looks tolerable, and not nearly as nightmarish as Bolthouse Farm’s Daily Greens, which tastes and smells like raw sewage. I somehow managed to choke that stuff down without vomiting (but I had to mentally coach myself through every sip), and its 1-star amazon reviews are a thing of beauty.

    So yeah…I’d probably try this.

    1. cant 1up this enough about that Bolthouse garbage. ugh. this V8 is really pretty decent. By far the best of their new flavors

      1. I’m sure you taste yucky “down there ” too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

  2. I’d rather eat a salad.. Lettuce should be for eating, not juicing. Also completely turned off by cucumber juice and then the bell pepper. Blech.

    1. Try a fresh juice of gazpacho ingredients like cucumber tomatoe celery lil bell pepper and lil onion. Add some parsley or cilantro and lime juice and it’s really good.

  3. The thing about processed & pasteurized juices is that they lose all the important nutrients in them from being processed like that, so essentially these offer little to nothing health benefit wise. If you want to drink juice for health purposes, nothing can beat fresh.

  4. I usually like the V8 Splash juices, and the flavor of this was fine, but I can’t get over the SMELL of the juice. Although I have a cold right now so maybe I should attempt to finish up the juice that has been sitting in the fridge for ~1.5 weeks since I can’t smell it…

  5. Maybe it should be blended with more fruit? I might try that if I see it here. I like the taste of all the ingredients, but am having trouble digesting raw veggies at the moment (especially greens) so eating whole raw greens is out, and I am not ambitious enough to do more than stick some juice and packaged frozen fruit into a personal blender for a few seconds. Bet mango would work well. Or pineapple fruit.

  6. I thought it tasted quite minty. And I agree the first sip was the worst, because it tastes very different than I expected. But by the end of the bottle, I quite liked it.

    1. Me too! I add the V8 juice to a a cup of spinach and a selection of fruit in my smoothie. Sometimes I sprinkle a few sunflower seeds. Tastes good and it feels healthy. I do this instead of trying to force myself to eat green vegetables. Next, I will try broccoli to see how that taste.

  7. This is completely worthless. It is pasteurized and from concentrate which means any nutritional value any of these veggies had has been degraded. Additionally all of the veggies sourced to make it are from conventionally grown farms. The soil from these farms of been depleted of their nutrient content hundreds of years ago. The farmers have to supplement the soil with nutrients. All they usually do is NPK. Which is nitrogen, potassium, Phosphate. Our bodies need so much more minerals then just these. Sad crap. :/

  8. I don’t mind it–at least the purple version. It’s pretty low in carbohydrates, and I like that it’s not too thick. It mixes well with kombucha.

  9. i just pruchased this juice and combined with more pineapple and its actully pretty tasty, since ive been doing pretty much the same myself with all the ingridients, thought might give this one try, less work. but i actully agree natrual is better. thie juice alone i cant drink, so added more fruit.

  10. I have tried the green and purple juice from the veggie blend line. I am a daily juicer and I usually make my own juices at home. Unfortunately my juicer had broke and I am now in the process of getting it replaced. But in the meantime I wanted to try the new V8 juices just so that I can still have some juice until my juicer is replaced. When I tried both of the juices, they had a pleasant taste (especially the purple juice). I have been an avid Green juicer for the past year and I don’t like a whole lot of sugar in my drinks, which is why I haven’t tried any of their fruit juices in a long time. Their vegetable juices usually contain a lot of added salt and tons of preservative so I don’t drink that either. I like the fact that v8 is offering alternatives to their mainstream products and minimizing amount of additives and chemicals that they add to their veggie blend and increasing the juice concentration (to 75% instead of 25 & 10%). I think in our society we are so used to over processed foods that have tons of salt sugar and chemicals preservatives. I’m not saying that this is the healthiest juice on the market, but I am glad that one of the top juice brands are adding health conscious alternatives.

  11. I rather liked it….actually it reminded me somewhat of a margarita because it had a salty taste to it…l haven’t had an alcoholic drink in ten years…but if l added vodka to this l would feel like it would be a great new margarita drink….

  12. I like the taste of this juice, but wished it had a little more of a pineapple taste because i feel like it would balance all the veg taste out but other than that i would buy again but mainly just to use in my smoothies.

  13. I felt the writer’s comments regarding V8 Healthy Greens were pretty harsh and not totally on the mark. Considering it IS a pioneer in this green drink market, after his Odwalla, of course, it is not bad at all. I actually prefer it over V8 tomato-based juices. I don’t think V8 claimed to have eight veggies in it so not sure where that comment came from other than to put an accent on bitchy. But, I will give the writer one thing … it is VERY sweet. Almost too sweet for my palate. To be gravitating to such a concoction, one might easily assume I’m not into sweet beverages, and I’m not, so be careful V8, much more sugar is going to really turn into a big ole negative. I am just one view and definitely not an important one, but if the sweetness were backed down just a tad, it would be a home run! But, either way, this drink is well worth the cost and something I will definitely repeat buy. Oh, by the way, it sounds gut-wrenching, but it’s very good with rum! For real! 🙂

  14. I was really concerned about how much nutritional value that this product has. I am sold on the taste and consistency. I have been drinking it straight and sometimes 1/2 v8 & 1/2 Red Bull. The half and half is really sweet. I loved the v8 Splash, but did not like that it contained a lot of fructose corn syrup.

  15. I had this, it was gross. My 11 month old also hated it and he is as far from a picky eater as they come. He’s used to eating all vegetable purees too. Looks gross, tastes really bad. I’d much prefer to go to the trouble and make my own spinach cucumber pineapple smoothie than drink this, convenient as it may be.

  16. It’s not bad. I chug it! Most healthy drinks are gross and are consumed for health benefits and NOT taste. The Daily Greens from Bolthouse Farms is revolting! I have drank many many “healthy” drinks over the last 15 yrs and most I won’t drink again…but I drink a glass of this juice daily! Drink it cold and down it!


  18. Fresh squeezed from you lawn mower with a hit of pineapple. . I am drinking it in hopes that it really is good for you. I am sure it is.

    1. I must’ve skipped your comment … if you see below, I said the same thing, how it tasted like lawn clippings at first! I grew to like it, tho. LOL!!!

  19. I think it tastes great. I don’t want to drink a mouth full of sugar. Some of the comments i’m reading are just unrealistic and stupid. Get a grip people its a health drink not am ice cream cone

  20. I like to mix a big bottle of the V8 Healthy Greens with a small bottle of the Bolthouse Green Goodness. For me it’s the right balance of sweet and zing. Goes down smooth. Especially good in the morning when I’m not in the mood for breakfast-it keeps me fueled up until I’m ready for something substantial. It’s helped me loose a couple of pounds.

  21. I thought the Healthy Greens tasted like grass clippings with apple the first swallow, but afterward it was fine and I liked it by the end of the jug. If it tasted sweeter, it would have more sugar in it, and we’re so used to obscene amounts of sugar that we expect it. For people trying to get away from sugar, who don’t want to drink pop anymore (soda to some of you), this is a lower calorie, better alternative. I gave up caffeine, my drug of choice, because diet soda destroyed my taste buds, regular soda has too many calories, and I started drinking an energy drink made with glucose because it wasn’t diet soda, but it WAS low cal, and I tricked myself into thinking it was okay until the day I went to donate blood and my resting pulse was 106. My BP was 140/88–scary for someone whose BP runs 118/76 and whose resting pulse is generally 64!!! So water and the occasional V8 juice to break up the monotony it is.

  22. I think it great. I have looked and the stores in our area are out of the healthy greens.
    They have all the other ones.
    Thank you.

  23. I got use to the taste but I loved it, made me go to the bathroom and thats a good thing, I would recommend it.

  24. I was always told not to lie so that little girl on the commercial needs to go into time out. The after taste is so weird. I can’t figure out what that very last taste I’m getting but son of a gun it’s nasty. Definitely a 2 thumbs down. I’m not throwing it away after spending 3.00 on it. I’m going to put some citrice green tea in it to try to mask that one taste that I can’t figure out.

  25. I was giong to get this because of the commercials and because I like all forms of regular V-8. But the vitamins it has — A, C, and E — are all added to the juices. I guess they don’t survive well in the juice after processing?

    Funny the commercial pretty much hides the look of the stuff which, as you point out, is pretty gross. I may go with the Odwalla prodct, which is nowhere near the V-8 in the grocery.

  26. I bought it last week and thought since I like all the vegtables and fruit that I would like this.. The color and the taste of really green didnt appeal to my liking,but since its good to drink for your daily fruit and veggies..Ill drink it. It could be just a tad sweet.

  27. I have tried several of these green veggie/fruit blends such as Odwalla and Costco branded and this was the watered down of all. The label even lists water as the primary ingredient. Also very heavy in cheap fruit juices such as apple and pineapple.

  28. I really don’t like this V8 juice at all. I think the biggest problem is the lack of texture. The greens leave quite a bit of a bitter aftertaste but I can handle that in a green juice, the problem is that they seem to strain all of the fiber out leaving a thin kind of gross stock like mouthfeel.

  29. I bought a bottle last week,and I think it will be my last bottle. Like you mentioned, I have had green drinks before that I loved, but this is not one of them.

  30. Well this is my first trying it ,let’s see how it goes.I do like veggies and fruit, so I’m good with that ,but this bleND of v8 greens I have to see for myself how it tastes. Everyone has there own opinions.

    1. Agreed – and to those mentioning garlic, there is none in the healthy greens. I am sensitive to garlic. For the cost, you really cannot find a better vegetable juice unless you go cold pressed. Also, I have never detected tomato in this one. The most prominent taste is pineapple, so if you like that, then try this drink. If not, choose one of the options that has more fruit – the one in the purple bottle also tastes good.

  31. Bought the carrot mango and I almost gagged. It was horrid. I have liked all of V8 juices that I have tried before this one. I hated the smell and the taste. So much I threw it away. And I hate to waste food.

  32. I bought a bottle of the healthy greens last week. After tasting it ,my first thought was to dump it all down the drain. But after reading some of the comments I will try mixing it with something else.

  33. What I would call “Good enough to not throw away, but bad enough to never buy again.”

    Maybe it needs more than just a “hint” of pineapple? I don’t know…

  34. This is the worse! What were you thinking??? Very disappointed! Love all V8 products but this is really BAD!

  35. I thought it didn’t’t taste the best but have noticed since I started drinking it I have lost weight. It does seem to give me a little lift when I drink it. All and all I like it.

  36. Omg that was the PERFECT description of this product lol. It’s not quite disgusting but it definitely isn’t delicious either. I added more pineapple juice and it was a little more appetizing. I’m going to finish my bottle but I will not buy it again. Sorry V8 🙁

  37. I’m with those who say it’s not so bad that it needs to be dumped down the drain but it’s not good enough to buy again. I was actually relieved to have drank the last of the bottle.

  38. I tried it, it tasted terrible and the smell didn’t help either. I finished the juice today and still taste awful.
    Since all juices are pasteurized to kill foodborne bacteria sometimes the company puts back the vitamins, don’t know how effective this is, but I take a liquid supplement that contains 240 vitamins minerals and herbs it is called
    daily complete.
    For the New Year I try to eat better and be less stressed.

  39. It actually DOES HAVE 8 vegetables. It has cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, green bell pepper, romaine lettuce, and yellow carrots.
    It’s not great but beauty is pain right? It’s very healthy for you so I suck it up!!!

  40. It is great just like it is they have one that’s mainly fruit if you want something sweeter but if I want a veggie juice i don’t want sweet

  41. I bought this tonight at a bodega to drink while I rested from carrying my groceries home from the supermarket. This is the worst tasting thing I have eaten or drank in the past 35 years. Before I bought it, I thought, “Its from Campbells. It’s from V-8. How bad can it be?” Very, very bad. I threw it away after a few sips.

    It’d be better just with green vegies and some salt. Pineapple juice does not go with spinach. It just doesn’t.

  42. OK, I thought the same thing. Wierd but how about alcohol. Bloody Mary? Well, Worcestershire, hot sauce, bitters, a bit of lemon juice, and a half tsp of wasabi paste. Mix to disolve the wasabi. Add Ice. 1 ounce of Blueberry Stoli Vodka. Top it off with Healthy Greens and a celery stick. Kinda Tasty. Not a pretty drink. Maybe a drop of green food coloring might help.

    Think I’ll call it a Green Maggie.

  43. I just tried this yesterday because I didn’t have the time to make my own juice. My initial impression was that it was garlicy. I knew there was something unpleasant in it, underneath the lovely pineapple taste. I think it was either broccoli or green pepper. One of those made this sort of yucky. I have leafy greens in my homemade juices all the time, so none of those was to blame. The main problem with this is that there is so much sodium in it. I used it as a replacement for two meals, and consumed about 1200 mg(?) of sodium for the day. Needless to say, my weight was up 2 or 3 pounds this morning. Being that it’s on a regular shelf and not refrigerated, I have to guess that’s why it’s so loaded with salt. It’s also cheaper than the other two options, which is why I decided to try it, anyway. There is also no pulp, so it doesn’t do very well as a meal replacement. Not that it was meant to, or advertised in that way.

  44. I knew when I bought this that drinking vegetables would probably not be very appealing but I wanted to try it since juicing veggies has become so popular. With the hint of apple and pineapple, I actually liked this drink. I have just purchased my 4th bottle and it has helped me to shed a few pounds. I live in Alaska where produce is very expensive, along with everything else. Purchasing all of those veggies to drink by myself is not an option so this juice is doable for me and I do have additional fresh veggies on hand.

  45. This was not appealing to my taste buds, at all. I dumped all of it down drain. Then made a gag-face. I will make my own.

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