SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Airheads Ice Cream

Airheads Ice Cream (Grape and Green Apple)

Airheads Ice Cream (Pink Lemonade, Strawberry, and Watermelon)

Airheads Ice Cream (Cherry & Blue Raspberry)

There are a lot of flavors above, but there’s also an orange flavor. If you’re wondering if they have actual Airheads in them, the press release I read says, “The ice cream also incorporates ribbons of Airheads taffy, creating an innovative, never-before-seen combination.” This kind of blows my mind because I thought Airheads get hard when they’re placed in the fridge. So I wonder how the texture will be in ice cream. (Spotted by RaveGyrl at Jewel Osco.)

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10 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Airheads Ice Cream”

  1. I never thought Airheads would have ice cream or did they just license the name Airheads to another company?

  2. The Airheads ice cream cries out for single serving tiny cup packaging so people can try all the flavors. Will take a brave person to try a whole quart untested.

    1. We need a Dubba
      We’re holding out for a Dubba in the morning light
      He’s gotta be smooth, he’s gotta be sweet
      And able to take whole gallons in one bite.

  3. More impressed by the fact it is ice cream and not FDD.

    But also second the why no white mystery flavor comment.

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