SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Naturally Sweetened Dr Pepper, 7UP, and Canada Dry

Naturally Sweetened Dr Pepper, 7UP, and Canada Dry

Stevia and sugar sitting in a tree. S-W-E-E-T-E-N-I-N-G. First comes Coke Life. Then comes Pepsi True. Then comes Naturally Sweetened Dr Pepper, 7UP, and Canada Dry too. Not sure if it’s just being tested or being rolled out nationally. (Spotted by Daniel at Jewel Osco.)

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37 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Naturally Sweetened Dr Pepper, 7UP, and Canada Dry”

      1. No biggie… I can’t have 10 or Diet and the full monty, either with HFCS or Cane Sugar would be a BAD thing for me on a regular basis.

        Seems they’re still testing it in other test markets (DFW was one of them…the supply of the stuff dried up moderately quickly and there was none left for me to buy. Since it’s been spotted elsewhere within the last year in Texas, I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

  1. I tested these through Pine Cone Research last year and I did not care for them. There was something off about the flavor and they left an aftertaste in my mouth. Maybe they’ve made improvements since then. But I’ll stick to the regular sodas in moderation.

    1. Lucky you. I can’t, to be honest. Too much sugar for a Diabetic, to be honest…

  2. LOL. “Naturally sweetened”.

    Ya know, why not use good ‘ol sugar? Stevia leaves a licorice-like aftertaste.

    1. Right next to it you can buy the cane-sugar little bottle 6 pack in Krogers in Houston ,TX.

    2. As an observation… If you’re a diabetic…you can’t do much in the way of sugar…and many are actually allergic to Nutrasweet. More to the point the licorice aftertaste is due to using too much of the raw extract. Truvia, Purevia, and the like don’t have that aftertaste. Me, I get nasty migraines from Aspartame and not everyone offers Splenda, which has concerns of its own. You need to wise up and realize that there’s more than just yourself to consider within things. I can’t have that much sugar…so GFY.

  3. I’d be willing to give it a shot if I scored one for free from a rewards program.. But $4 for 6 12-ounce cans? Sweet Jesus. Absolutely hated the “TEN” line, think I got 2-3 sips of Dr Pepper down before tossing it. Am curious though if Dr Pepper will retain the thick syrup-y mouth-feel.

  4. Hi guys, I’m a big Dr. Pepper fan, do you know in which Jewel Osco did Daniel spot that launch? Thanks

  5. PLEASE – Where was this purchased at? (Not what store, what town/state). Since this is a limited product, it is only in certain areas (not just certain stores) – so I would really like to know where to find some at.

  6. I found it in Iowa. It is a mixture of Sugar and Stevia. I found it really really good. Only tiny little cans available though. I hope it makes it through marketing. No aftertaste that I could tell.

    1. The tiny little cans are 12 oz. Just like the regular cans, just narrower and taller.

  7. I tried it and thought it was good especially when ice cold.It had less of an aftertaste then i thought it would…Now they need to replace that caramel coloring with a natural variety.It is an improvement and would buy again.

  8. There is a billboard along I-294 that has me wanting to try this – still no luck finding it though. Looks like I need to look at Jewel again!

    1. I found it at 2 different Jewel Osco in northern IL. (Near Gurnee and Richmond) it was on bottom shelf near the energy drinks at both locations. Dr pepper, 7up and Canada Dry ginger ale. It is in cardboard 6 packs of 12oz cans but they are taller and thinner. It was $3.49 a 6 pack. I have tried all three and can’t notice any of the Stevia aftertaste.

      1. I found it at the Jewel in Countryside! Tested it out with a bunch of friends and it is gold – to Dr Pepper lovers and others.

  9. Has anyone run across these in San Antonio, TX? I recently saw a billboard for Dr. Pepper naturals, but haven’t seen any in the local HEBs.

    1. I’ve been looking for it myself. I’ve checked Heb, centra market and Walmart around 281 and 1604 area with no luck

  10. Found at Krogers. Tastes like prune juice. Has a funny aftertaste. Tastes nothing like real Dr Pepper.

  11. I have found them at ONE Wal-Mart Supercenter in Lubbock, Texas. I really like them a lot. I don’t mind paying the price, if it tastes good! I wish more places sold them.

  12. I bought Dr. Pepper and 7up from a Jewel in Arlington Hts., IL yesterday. (10-10-15) My kids and I really like the taste! I used to like the taste of pop but then I stopped drinking the stuff. Then… I missed the bubbly drink so I went back to the regular Dr. Pepper and 7 up but found it to be too sweet for me. So when I want more than just carbonated flavored water, I will be drinking the new Dr. Pepper and 7up with a lot less sugar! I bought 6 for $1.79 on sale. I don’t think I’d pay full price, though. I’ll just buy a few when they have a good sale. There is stevia extract added and I am used to that taste since I drink a can of Zevia from time to time. The slim can is also fun to drink from! I will definitely buy again!

  13. I found it at Kroger in Dallas and liked the taste, knowing that it was not the real thing. The fewer calories was the big draw. They also had 7-Up and Canada Dry. Sadly, they have already clearances all of them. They are no longer on the shelf.
    Does anyone have a suggestion of where to find it in Dallas?

  14. I’ve purchased it at Tom Thumb in Frisco and Plano, Tx and Kroger in Corinth, Tx. I haven’t been able to find any in the last few weeks though. I saw some at Jewel Osco in Aurora, IL and would have bought them out if I could have gotten them on the plane!

    1. This is such a good product. Especially the Gingerale & Dr. Pepper flavors for 90 calories for 12 ounces. The manufacturers have obviously removed these products from the shelves because I haven’t been able to find them in Kroger, HEB, Walmart or Target in the last month or so. I normally don’t drink carbonated beverages, but these were so good! If you happen to find them, or find out what happened to them, will you please let me know?
      Thank you,

  15. If you have access to the commissary they are there for .96 cents a pack on military bases in the San Antonio area.

  16. About 3 weeks ago on an end cap in Panora Ia Now gone…sad. Slight Stevia taste but Dr Pepper and GingerAle the best.

  17. I found at Osco in Clinton, IA last summer after discovering it at gas station/quick shop. Now the store only has a few beat up packs of 7 Up. I love the Dr. Pepper Naturally and the Ginger ale by Canada Dry was sweet also. Come back, Dr. Pepper!!!

  18. Looking all over for the 7up!! Its been off the shelves in my area outside of Houston for months. I love it and so does my son who can’t tolerate the high sugar drinks. Has anyone seen it anywhere recently?

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