SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Canada Dry Limited Time Offer Blackberry Ginger Ale

Canada Dry Limited Time Offer Blackberry Ginger Ale

Because I read super fast, I confused this flavor with Canada Dry Black Cherry Ginger Ale. Canada Dry Blackberry Ginger Ale is also a regional Slurpee flavor. (Spotted by Karen at Target.)

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39 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Canada Dry Limited Time Offer Blackberry Ginger Ale”

  1. I had the unsweetened flavored water flavor of the same name back then. I hope they bring all of the water flavors to their ginger ale lines.

  2. They have had this at my local Safeway here in Seattle for about a week now. I’m not a big fan of black cherry. In fact, it’s my lease favorite soda, so when I bought this it was solely on the fact that I LOVE the cranberry ginger ale and was hoping the combination of black cherry and ginger ale would produce something even half as good. Well, it didn’t. But then again, it was the best tasting black cherry soda that I’ve ever had, and from me that’s saying something. It’s been a couple of days (Tuesday) since I’ve had it so a description isn’t fresh in my mind. Would I buy it again? Probably as a change up taste to drink. I wish they would make the cranberry ginger ale year round like back in the 90’s.

    1. The black cherry is so delicious , I like the cranberry to, we have it here in Florida year round.

      1. On my reply about the Canada dry BLACKBERRY ginger ale, which is still very hard to find and so delicious, find it at publix the most ,I made a mistake and called it blackcherry sorry !!! .

  3. This reminds me loads of Pepsi Blue. Like, if there had ever been a Diet Pepsi Blue, this would be it. It’s awesome.

  4. I found the blackberry Ginger ale at Walmart yesterday and bought one 2 litter. Wished I had picked up several, its very refreshing and tasty. I really like it!

  5. YUM! this is delicious! We live in Louisville, Colorado and found it at our KIng Soopers

  6. To the people at canada dry ginger ale, my family have been using Canada dry for years, since I can remember our grandmother would give it to us for upset stomach and feve,r our house was never without it and I do the same now that I’m grown ,I always have regular ginger ale and then I fell in love with the cranberry flavor still love it to ,but recently I spottie the black cherry oh my god its so delicious its great its the bomb its to die for reminds me of a spritza or drink with some thing added to it, its so refreshing and crisp tasting I, wouldn’t want to live without it and now my hearts broken , I only found it in publix and i been hunting the cans and can’t find them and now I see its only limited edtiion .please stop the maddiness I love it. Yours truly Franchetta Merkison.

  7. I found the BlackBerry Ginger Ale in Food Lion in Charlotte, NC. It was the first time I saw it on the shelf and I decided to buy a 2 liter bottle. It taste great and I will be purchasing more before they remove it from the shelf.

  8. Found Canada Dry blackberry at Kroger in Lansing MI last month but haven’t found it anywhere since. It’s very refreshing and delicious…hope it resurfaces.

  9. Found the last 2 liter of Blackberry Canada Dry at walmart! It is so delicious and my husband polished it off!( Not happy}, We want more and can’t find any! Please send more to Nashville Tennessee! Thank you in advance!

  10. Found it at Walmart in Pittsburgh stocked up on it love it! Also got the Raspberry GingerAle as well but the Blackberry kicks butt! Yummy!!

  11. Bought 4 of the Blackberry GA @ Kroger and now I’m out and so is Kroger. They are NOT restocking.

  12. It’s the best. Bought on bottle (saw limited time only) and after trying it went back to the store the next day and bought 11 (accidentally bought a diet cranberry which is also good). A couple store clerks said if I was buying this much they are going to try it. Brought a bottle to work they want it too. Hope you reconsider the limited time only……Please bring it back.

  13. I just purchased the blackberry ginger ale in Easton MD, it is so good. I hope you would consider keeping it as a regular soft drink instead of a limited time offer.

  14. I can drink Blackberry Ginger Ale everyday of my life… I don’t even need to eat it’s so good I get full off of drinking it.

  15. Spotted at Winco, in Long Beach, California on February 5, 2016. Still readily available on April 29, 2016. Love Canda Dry Blackberry Ginger ale.

  16. 5/04 We have 4 Kroeger stores in our area. To date in my basement i have 10 cases and 20 2 liters of this wonderful drink. I eat peperidge farms pretzel goldfish and drink the ale with it…MMMMMMM Good. added 10 pounds to. 🙂 But im gonna continue to stockpile it. Its dam good.

    Spoke to a local sales rep and said they are only stocking 5-6 cases at a time…Never explained why. Always have 2 liter though. BTW a driver told me at our Kroeger they put em by the alchol aisle by the mixers, and its true. I found 3 cases there.

    1. I’m from San Antonio, Texas, and I’m enjoying the Blackberry Ginger Ale. I love the taste! I am hooked. Dollar General Stores sell the drink for a buck and a quarter. How about that!

  17. I’m from San Antonio, Texas, and I’m enjoying the Blackberry Ginger Ale. I love the taste! I am hooked. Dollar General Stores sell the drink for a buck and a quarter. How about that!

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