COMING SOON: Trident Layers Swedish Fish Gum

Trident Layers Swedish Fish Gum

Mondelez International is at it again.

They’re combining another of their chewy candy lines with one of their chewing gum lines. Trident Layers Swedish Fish Gum combines the flavor of the red Swedish Fish with lemon. According to @candybarreviews on Twitter, the gum will be released in June 2015.

Stride Gum and Sour Patch Kids were the first Mondelez candy and gum lines to team up. The gum debuted in 2013 with Lime and Redberry flavors. In 2014, Orange and Watermelon flavors were added.

If Mondelez continues to create chewy candy-flavored chewing gum, I hope Dentyne Bassett’s Licorice Candy Allsorts Gum isn’t next.

3 thoughts to “COMING SOON: Trident Layers Swedish Fish Gum”

  1. YAY! 5 seconds of flavor. I’ll think I’ll stick with good old fashioned Swedish fish for longer flavor

  2. My mother works at Albertsons and got me a pack before it came out. Not bad really.

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