FAST FOOD NEWS: McDonald’s McCafe Freshly Baked Muffins by Quaker

McDonald's McCafe Fresh Baked Muffins by Quaker 2

Impulsive Buy reader Brad spotted these muffins at a McDonald’s location in Chicago. They are a Quaker Oats product and are available in three varieties — Double Chocolate, Blueberry, and Cranberry Orange. The muffins are being sold for $1.69 each or with a small coffee for $2.29.

According to this post, the new muffins were tested in Michigan late last year. The article also revealed they’re baked daily at the restaurant and a berry bran version was also tested.

This isn’t McDonald’s first attempt at muffins. A few years ago, the chain experimented with a line of baked goods that included muffins, scones, and banana bread.

Chicago is a known test area for McDonald’s and the muffins aren’t listed on the McDonald’s website so they appear to be still in the testing phase.

If you’ve tried any of them, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

McDonald's McCafe Fresh Baked Muffins by Quaker

28 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: McDonald’s McCafe Freshly Baked Muffins by Quaker”

  1. I’m the one who spotted this.

    First, it looks like the addition of these was at the expense of Cinnamon Melts, which makes me sad.

    Second, I have seen these before, Canadinan McD’s have had them for years. See: this entry on their website.

    1. I just had the cranberry orange muffin in Vermont. The best muffin I’ve ever had. I do hope we can get these in Florida pronto!

  2. That’s funny cos muffins and cookies baked on site are a staple at Canadian McDonald’s (or in my part of the country anyway) for at least a decade. I always assumed that was also the case in the US.

  3. I hope these make it to WV McDonald’s! I don’t like eggs or sausage so I usually just get oatmeal when I’m there for breakfast. This would be a nice option to have.

  4. man, what are they putting in that cranberry orange muffin to make it more caloriffic than the double chocolate?

  5. @Ruffy,

    They have to sugar coat cranberries to make craisins, so that’s where most of the calories are coming from

    1. they aren’t made with craisins though, it’s fresh/frozen berries. this variety is oddly oily and has a cornbread taste/texture.

  6. They sell very well at my store. Batter is shipped frozen in individual muffins and they head to the oven for a 45 minute bake [so don’t ask for one fresh but we will warm one up if you’d like]. We also have a carrot muffin. Blueberry and Carrot are our top sellers.

  7. Stop using the term Freshly Baked. Do they have a Bakery in the Back where they make the batter fresh from scratch? No? You mean they take them out of a Box in the Freezer and heat them up? Sorry. That’s not Freshly Baked.

    1. Each day, they bake frozen muffin batter. Technically it is freshly baked, although not freshly mixed.

  8. was baking McD muffins in the early 90s, you’d have a tub of chilled (not frozen) batter, scoop it in to a muffin tray and throw it in the oven. The blueberry ones were quite good actually and they smelled great of course. Same oven we cooked the pies in.

  9. I noticed these back in the summer.. course I also thought they were available at all McD’s nationwide.
    Never ate one, but they did look sorta-kinda good. That is, until I seen a worker using her bare hand to arrange them in the display case. Completely turned off. Used the gloved hand to hold the pan, touchy touchy with the non. No thank you.

    1. Yea because a latex gloves are so sanitary when the wearer runs their hands through their hair, picks their nose, and scratches their private regions. If the users hands are dirty when he puts the gloves on then the exterior of the gloves are dirty. Gloves are a placebo.

      1. Well i will have you know that there are strict policies that are implemented at McDonald’s to prevent any type of hazard to our food safety. Every one of our employees wash their hands before putting.on a new set of gloves. This may be after working in the kitchen for a half hour or just for simply picking up and discarding an item on the floor. Gloves at McDonald’s must be changed when either dirty or torn in order to adhere to food safety regulations. Granted there are some instances where there rules are not followed but this is true for every restaurant in the world. And McDonalds had never used latex in their gloves we use a polyurethane mixture. Please be knowledgeable about a topic before forming a solid opinion.

  10. We have mini bundt cakes here in Houston. I’ll take a picture of the sign for you.

  11. I found out in the early 90’s that not all Mcd’s had the same things. Had McChicken in Toronto, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and it was processed chicken went across to Calais Maine, Machias, Maine and Boston and all the McChickens were made with real chicken. I looked forward to going on vacation in the states to have a McChicken and nuggets made with real chicken then went back the next year and sure enough the changed it to the processed chicken, disgusting! guess it costs too much to use real chicken. Lost my business once I saw how they were made.

  12. Just tried a blueberry. I think it’s ghastly. Batter over beaten, so the muffin is tough. Flavor is sweet-ish, but otherwise nonexistent. There isn’t a grocery or coffee shop anywhere that doesn’t do better than this. If this is part of their new effort to tweak things, correct course and stop the slide, they are in deeper trouble than anyone realized.

  13. We are from Michigan
    We love all flavors of muffins. When we travel, no other states have them. My disabled daughter gets very upset when she can’t have her muffin. It is hard for her to understand why other states don’t carry them. Her favorite was carrot, but that was only available for a short while.

  14. Do not like the new muffins. It is just like eating a piece of cake. No firm, crisp muffin top to enjoy anymore.

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