SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Tombstone Limited Edition Diablo and Limited Edition Bratwurst Pizzas

Tombstone Limited Edition Diablo Pizza

Tombstone Limited Edition Bratwurst Pizza

What? No sauerkraut as a topping on the the bratwurst one? (Spotted by TJ at Strack & Van Til.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Tombstone Limited Edition Diablo and Limited Edition Bratwurst Pizzas”

  1. Strack & Van Til looks to be Chicago and NW Indiana exclusively. But I wanted to point out for people in the Chicago area, I found the Diablo pizza at Jewel-Osco in the city tonight (Wrigleyville). They didn’t seem to have the Bratwurst one but I was at a smaller Jewel. Also both products are listed as carried at Walmart super centers in nearby areas (Cicero and Skokie were closest to the city).

      1. I bought both last weekend and really liked them! I thought the bratwurst would be odd with the spicy mustard sauce but it was actually really good. I tweeted at Tombstone that I hope they keep the Diablo pizza permanently. Not enough spicy frozen pizzas out there! Certainly none with jalapenos on them.

  2. I got the diablo one at a cub foods on saint Paul mn. It was awful. Too spicy for what it is. Sriracha just isn’t made for Italian style food.

  3. Tombstone thanks for stepping out and introducing some new lovely flavors……enjoyed Diablo but it wasn’t to spicy maybe more chorizo but i loved it and love spicy pizza can’t wait to try the bratwurst, Listen for those whom don’t know spicy and said anythihng negative they don’t know Mexican spicy food or how awesome it REALLY IS…I TRULY HOPE YOU KEEP BOTH….i think most people whom love spicy love the Diablo just can’t please all those whom don’t know good spicy food….

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