SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Nabisco Limited Edition Ritz Big Crackers

Nabisco Limited Edition Ritz Big

I guess folks can make larger hors d’oeuvres now or show off on YouTube by doing the Ritz Challenge with them. (Spotted by Dan at Woodman’s Markets.)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Nabisco Limited Edition Ritz Big Crackers”

    1. From June to the first week of October I fell in love w/ the big ones and then just like that..they disappeared!!
      I’m begging you..put them on your product line! “Thank You”.

  1. Do they come just thrown in a bag or in a tray? If they’re just thrown in a bag I bet five bucks they’ll all wind up being broken to smithereens……

    1. they are in a tray. I only saw one broken one (but that could have been me being clumsy with my groceries) I think they are really nice, and a bit thinner.

  2. I bought the “Big” Ritz and loved them. When I went back to the store, they were all gone, bummer.
    Hope they put them in the product line.

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