FAST FOOD NEWS: Papa John’s Garlic Knots

Papa John s Garlic Knots

Papa John’s has a new carbohydrate-filled side you can eat with your pizza. Garlic Knots are made with fresh baked dough and garlic parmesan seasoning. Each order of eight includes a pizza sauce for dipping.

So are these going to taste different than Papa John’s Parmesan Breadsticks, which are coated with a blend of their garlic sauce and parmesan Italian seasoning?

You can get an order of eight Garlic Knots for $5. Or, if you order it online with a large, two-topping pizza for $10, you can get it for $4. Papa John’s Garlic Knots are available through May 24.

If you’ve tried them, let us know what you think of them in the comments.

(Image via Papa John’s Facebook page)

10 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Papa John’s Garlic Knots”

  1. It’s nice to see garlic knots going national, although I’m suspicious about anything Papa John’s.

  2. Well I work for them and I can tell you that they are pretty damn good. if you like a little more cheese, sprinkle some of the parm packets on top of them. Think of them as a small serving of the garlic parm bread sticks. Serves around 1-2 and they are easier to make then bread sticks.

  3. I work here and they are the biggest rip off ever. They are just trying to get you to buy these because they’re a cheaper food cost compared to the Garlic Parm. Breadsticks. THEY’RE THE EXACT SAME THING just made with a small piece of dough (the breadsticks are made with a large). They aren’t worth 5$, spend .50 more and get the breadsticks…

  4. I bought them. They’re not garlic knots. Just bread sticks twisted into a knot. Which is upsetting because they’re ruining the name of ‘garlic knots’ for people who don’t know what they are.

  5. Amazing how the stole the idea from another pizza place from Indiana. Greeks in Valparaiso.

  6. what a rip off I would much rather have a five dollar little Caesars lousy pizza than to spend five dollars for some garlic knots . The franchise average cost for garlic knots can’t be more than 20 or $.30 cents

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