SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Sara Lee Limited Edition Red Velvet Deluxe Bagels

Sara Lee Limited Edition Red Velvet Deluxe Bagels

I thought Thomas’ would come out with red velvet bagels first. I guess not. (Spotted by Rene at FoodMaxx.)

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15 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Sara Lee Limited Edition Red Velvet Deluxe Bagels”

    1. I was thinking about this more, and I have to admit it does at least make SOME sense. You’re going to add cream cheese to the bagel, which is obv the “frosting” in a red velvet cake. So I mean, it makes more sense than a red velvet Triscuit I guess

  1. I’m sure Pepperidge Farms can’t be far behind with their version of Red Velvet Swirl Bread.

  2. I sense Thomas English muffins will be coming out with red velvet English muffins soon!

  3. They are amazing!! I have been searching everywhere for more, and I have only been able to procure one package!

  4. I am visiting Las Vegas and found these in Walmart, along with Sara Lee southwestern bagels.

  5. I bought a package of the Sara Lee Red Velvet bagels at the local Ninety Nine Cent store here in San Diego. (Yes, the pack was only 99 cents!) They are delicious!! When you open the bag you get a good scent of the red velvet and they are a bit softer than a regular bagel. I put one in the toaster to heat it up and the whole kitchen smelled as if I were baking a red velvet cake. MY first bite into that warm not fully toasted bagel was heavenly. It tasted exactly like I was eating a piece of the cake. It was so delicious I ate it plain. I am definitely going to get some more since they are only available for a limited time.

  6. I found these in a Walmart in Las Vegas. They’re a little weird-tasting to me, but I’ve only tried them plain w/o toasting. So we’ll see. I want to try them with strawberry cream cheese.

  7. I was able to get 4 pkgs I love them I want more but can’t find them anymore. I found them at winco

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