COMING SOON: AMP Energy (Passion Fruit, Strawberry Limeade, Zero Blueberry White Grape, and Zero Watermelon)

AMP Energy  Passion Fruit Strawberry Limeade Zero Blueberry White Grape and Zero Watermelon

AMP Energy is getting a revAMP. The line is getting new can designs, new flavors, and getting rid of flavors. AMP Energy Original and Cherry Blast will still be around, but the other flavors I can’t name off the top of my head and only know by can color, like yellow, blue, and purple, have been discontinued.

There are two new AMP Energy flavors (Passion Fruit and Strawberry Limeade) and two new AMP Energy Zero flavors (Blueberry White Grape and Watermelon). The AMP Energy flavors are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup and have 156 milligrams of caffeine per 16-ounce can. The AMP Energy Zero flavors have 10 calories, 0 grams of sugar, and 157 milligram of caffeine per can. They are sweetened with sucralose and acesulfame potassium.

According to the AMP Energy website, the new flavors will start appearing on shelves on May 18.

16 thoughts to “COMING SOON: AMP Energy (Passion Fruit, Strawberry Limeade, Zero Blueberry White Grape, and Zero Watermelon)”

  1. This is the second time they’re killing off my favorite flavor, orange. Also, bring back Trading Paint!

    1. I am ready to rob a mfer at gunpoint if they discontinue orange amps again, it is like god made it himself it tastes so goddamn good ….

  2. If these flavors are as good as they sound for the zero calorie variety I will actually drink Amp again!

  3. I love Amp I am a daily drinker, I have to say cherry is by far the best, I will miss the grape. I drank those quite frequently as well. I am very excited about these new sugar free ones, my daily ritual is I usually drink 1 Amp cherry or grape and then I switch to venom or monster sugar free because amp only offered nasty green in sugar free, I am super happy about the new sugar free cuz I truly love amps flavors just not so….I can drink 2 Amps instead of having to switch. If they make these new one as yummy as the cherry, grape and berry then yaaaay

  4. Love the can design and looking forward to trying these out. I bet they won’t be available in Canada for a very long time or maybe even never….looks like another trip to the US for me this summer to stock up on energy drinks.

  5. The watermelon flavor is disgusting. It tastes like salty watermelon. Took one sip and tossed it.

  6. The watermelon flavor is my new favorite – very crisp and refreshing. The blueberry white grape is decent as well, but mostly tastes of blueberry, with a grape aftertaste. Both are clear(ish), which is nice.

  7. You guys lost a lot of business in my area discontinuing Orange amps to replace them with some disgusting flavors. Shame on you, I’ll never buy another amp product as long as I’m alive.

  8. I am also very very very disappointed on the orange amp epidemic. It was the ONLY energy drink that I truly enjoyed, perfect flavor!! I have tried the new flavors and needless to say, amps are no longer in my taste palette!!! Maybe yall should try to see what the public interest is before you discontinue awesomeness and replace it with crap. The passion fruit tastes like fake sugar, and the strawberry limeade is okay at first gulp but the after taste is horrendous.
    Very disappointed guys

  9. These flavors are crap, and they don’t wake me up like the old ones use to. I find myself still yoning after drinking two back to back. I have tried all of them and none taste even close to the old ones. And I loved the Blue Focus Amp since I work in an office it kept me on the ball all day. Waste of money now, I will find something else to drink. Don’t think this will help there sales in the long run at all, short term maybe as people like myself buy a few to try the new flavors but I expect most use to the old Amp will find something else.

    1. green has always been my favorite with blue a close second and orange a close third. i have tried all of the new flavors, and they’re all bad. the only remotely drinkable one is the strawberry limeade, but that would require me dying of dehydration first, and i’d still probably go bear grylls and drink my own urine before i’d spend $2 on strawberry limeade. the other three were absolutely undrinkable. moldy beer with cigarette butts in it is more appealing.

  10. I was horrified when i found out orange amp was being discontinued. It was the only one i tried andtruely loved. Guess i will have to move on to “monster” shame on pepsi. I may even switch my soda to coke for this travesty.

  11. I had never heard of Amp…not really an energy drinker. That all changed one day waiting in line at Walmart…thirsty…not really feeling water. Being diabetic, I stay away from canned anything because of the sugar. To my surprise, Amp blueberry has 0 grams of sugar…so I tried one…and loved it! Now I am hunting for them at every Walmart. I applaud PepsiCo for putting out a great product especially considering diabetes is on the rise!

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