SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Nabisco Limited Edition Lemon Twist Chocolate Oreo Cookies

Nabisco Limited Edition Lemon Twist Chocolate Oreo Cookies

Oreo’s new Limited Edition Lemon Twist Cookies are a twist on their old Limited Edition Lemon Twist Cookies. (Spotted by Ryan at Albertsons.)

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10 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Nabisco Limited Edition Lemon Twist Chocolate Oreo Cookies”

    1. Yeah seems weird that they’d have a limited edition flavor come out that is so close to their regular flavor lemon that got added last year. Ah well, who can fathom the ways of marketing folks…

    2. The lemon ones your store already carries are on a golden cookie & not a chocolate cookie,

  1. Finally, a limited Oreo flavor on an ACTUAL Oreo cookie. I’m so sick of everything being on a golden Oreo. That’s not an Oreo, arts just a friggin vanilla cookie!

      1. The *arts* made me lol. I thought you were talking like Johnny Rotten in Sid and Nancy. “Arts just a friggin’ vanilla cookie. EXTERMINATE!”

    1. Wait, have they done an orange-flavored creme on chocolate cookies yet? Because if not, they should. Orange and chocolate go so well together!

  2. The berry Oreo cookies are great and we will also try the chocolate cookie with lemon icing. Keep the berry coming.

    1. The berry one tastes like crunchberries to me. But a chocolate orange one might be yummy!

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