SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Hostess Banana Split Twinkies

Hostess Banana Split Twinkies

Banana! Strawberry! Chocolaty! (Spotted by The Groove Machine at Walmart.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Hostess Banana Split Twinkies”

  1. All this LTO crap from Hostess, and yet 2 of their best products are still six feet under: Puddin’ Pies and Choc-O-Bliss

  2. Banana creme filling was the original one for twinkies. I think it was a way to use up a lot of bananas…. At some point, they dumped the bananas. So decades later, they can claim it’s new!

    1. They mention it on Facebook when they bring back the banana Twinkies. And in the comments people complain well this is different because it’s artificially flavored and not real banana.

    2. Strawberries were out of season, so the guy who “invented” the Twinkie used banana cream. Then the war had a ration on bananas, so it was switched to vanilla. Vanilla cream proved more popular than banana, so it was never switched back except for LTO.

  3. It’d be better if the cake was banana flavored and the cream was strawberry. the outside can still stay like it is.

  4. I really did not like these. The strawberry was very artificial tasting, did not taste anything like strawberry and it ruined the flavor of the rest of the cake.

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