CANADIAN SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Limited Time Only Disney’s Frozen Frosted Cheerios

Limited Time Only Disney's Frozen Frosted Cheerios

Canada has General Mills Disney’s Frozen Frosted Cheerios. The U.S. has Kellogg’s Disney’s Frozen Cereal. Both appeared loooong after the movie premiered. (Spotted by Paul at Real Canadian Superstore in Canada.)

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4 thoughts to “CANADIAN SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Limited Time Only Disney’s Frozen Frosted Cheerios”

  1. I wonder if these are any different than the Frosted Cheerios that are or were sold in America?

    1. Best guess, less sugar with no other difference.

      Major LOLZ @ 2 major competitors trying to sell more cereal.

    2. Cereals in Canada seem to always taste better…have tried a few from the US Only to be disappointed in the taste!…
      Buttttt you US folks still have the CoOlest foods down the aisles compared to here in Western Canada…
      Frosted Cheerios found at Wally a few weeks ago…this is once again a LIMITED cereal …or another test market !!!

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