REVIEW: Mountain Dew Sangrita Blast

Mountain Dew Sangrita Blast

Despite fitting perfectly into Mountain Dew’s target demographic – I was a middle schooler when extreme sports were huge and a high schooler when gaming culture went mainstream – I’ve never been a huge Dew devotee. (Dewvotee?) For whatever reason, my tastes always tended towards the cola side of things. Still, I’ll never turn down a chance to try a weird, limited edition soft drink, so here we are.

Mountain Dew’s Sangrita Blast is one of two Taco Bell-imprinted flavors freed from soda fountain exclusivity just in time for the sweltering summer months (the other being longstanding fan favorite Baja Blast).

Now I have to admit to some ignorance here: When I first picked up this soda, I was puzzled by its name. “Sangrita?” I wondered aloud. “With a T?” I figured one of two things: Either Mountain Dew was afraid of calling it Sangria Blast because people might mistake it for an alcoholic product, or the flavor was crafted as a mish-mosh of sangria and margarita flavors.

A few minutes and some light Googling later, I discovered sangrita is actually a different beverage altogether. Unlike wine-laced sangria, sangrita is an alcohol-free tequila accompaniment made from pomegranate juice, chili powder, and an assortment of other juices and spices which vary from recipe to recipe.

Reading about this popular Mexican drink, my hopes rose. Not because it sounded especially good, but because it just sounded so different. A carbonated take on a peppery, nectar-y cocktail? What a fascinating way to diversify the usually predictable Mountain Dew flavor line-up. Whether it ended up tasting good or bad, at least I knew Sangrita Blast would be interesting.

(At least, that’s what logic told me.)

Mountain Dew Sangrita Blast 2

I admired the promisingly deep, bloody red tint of the soda and cracked open the bottle top. I took a whiff, anticipating the sensation of spicy fizz tickling my nose; instead, though, I found a vague, cherry-ish scent remarkably similar to another Mountain Dew flavor, Code Red. Troubling. Still, smell doesn’t always betray taste, so I remained optimistic and took a sip.

Disappointingly, the flavor was no better. There was no trace of pomegranate, no piquant spice blend, just a bold, cherry-dominated fruit taste with mild citric undertones, sort of like a toned-down cherry limeade. Just as the smell suggested, there was little appreciable difference between Sangrita Blast and Code Red. It’s pleasantly fruity with a surprisingly light aftertaste, but talk about false advertising.

The label plainly describes it as regular Mountain Dew with “citrus punch flavor,” this is true, but if you’re naming your product after something as distinctive as sangrita, you can’t just run Hawaiian Punch through a SodaStream and call it a day. This soda isn’t bad, but it’s disappointing, which is, in a way, worse. If nothing else, I was expecting a potentially awesome hangover remedy, yet we don’t even get that – just a tame retread of an already successful flavor selection. Oh, well.

Unfortunately, I never sampled the fountain version of Sangrita Blast, so I can’t comment as to how the bottled version compares. But I can tell you while other varieties of the citrusy, over-caffeinated classic may be a Mountain Do, Sangrita Blast is most certainly a Mountain Bad. (Did I do that right?)

(Nutrition Facts – 1 bottle – 270 calories, 0 grams of fat, 170 milligrams of sodium, 73 grams of carbohydrates, 72 grams of sugar, and 0 grams of protein.)

Item: Mountain Dew Sangrita Blast
Purchased Price: $1.70
Size: 20 fl. oz.
Purchased at: Krauszer’s Food & Liquor
Rating: 4 out of 10
Pros: Beautiful color. Pleasant enough take on carbonated fruit punch. Basically Code Red, if you’re into that sort of thing.
Cons: Deceptively named. Missed opportunity. Basically Code Red, if you’re not into that sort of thing.

18 thoughts to “REVIEW: Mountain Dew Sangrita Blast”

  1. Having been a big Moutain Dew drinker for over two decades, I can tell you one thing for certain. Sangrita Blast tastes absolutely nothing like Code Red. Code Red is a bright, crisp, heavily cherry soda. Sangrita Blast is a thick, heavy, sour, almost fruit punch of a soda. I love Code Red, but Sangrita Blast is the worst flavor of Mountain Dew I’ve tasted in several years. They are not “basically the same” in any way, shape, or form other than being a red color.

    1. well, thanks for the review. If its any consolation, I just got six bottles from my local food bank and now I have to find some witless neighbor to pawn the other five off to, haha. That is just the absolutely worst flavor I have ever tasted.

  2. What? Tastes like code red? You must be high. Not high enough to get to Taco Bell for it on fountain, but still high. I’m of the opposite opinion in that Sangrita is my favorite flavor extension but tastes nothing like Code Red. It’s more like a cherry limeade mixed with the tart sourness (and maybe some of the flavor) of pitch black 2.

  3. Also in the camp of “tastes nothing like Code Red” – I actually enjoyed Sangrita Blast the further down in the bottle I got. At first it was weird and I hated it but then slowly won me over.

  4. Haven’t had it out of a bottle yet, but from the fountain machines in Taco Bell. And if the bottled version tastes anything like the TB one then I have to agree with everyone else that says it doesn’t taste like Code Red.

  5. As someone who claims their area of expertise is soda, it’s troubling to read that you think this soda is the same as code red. Sangrita is much more tart and pronounced with fruit punch flavor. Also feels thicker in your mouth than the code red. It was the worst flavor I’ve tried in some time !

  6. i love it nothing like code red (used to be my favorite) it is odd that they named it sangria as its supposed to be based on sangria (there is an actual sangria soda google it its awesome)

  7. I was very disappointed. Also, I must point out that this flavor has artificial sweeteners added in addition to 72 grams of sugar! Many regular type sodas have artificial sweeteners added, be aware If you don’t like the aftertaste.

  8. Okay… you people need to get out and try other drinks besides soda. Well, that is of course if you’re over 21. Sangrita blast tastes exactly like Sangria. At least the couple of versions from different restaraunt that I’ve tried. The sangria that I’ve had were made with red wine, a soda like sprite, and fruit chunks with shaved ice. That is where the tartness is coming from, they’re trying to get the taste the same.

    Just now trying their freeze version of this. I could definitely see this being a great adult drink mixed with some vodka or tequila.

  9. Someone picked up a bottle for me, although I’m not a Mt Dew fan. I was out of Coke Zero which is what I’ve been drinking lately. It’s definitely a unique taste, borderline funky. I won’t be drinking anymore, in fact, I might not even finish this bottle.

  10. Very sorry to see it go. I was initially disappointed because the color of the can lead me to believe that I was buying Code Red but after a brief initial disappointment it quickly became my favorite flavor. I’m just hoping they bring it back.

  11. Are you high?? (meant in a friendly way) Sangrita Blast tasted NOTHING like Code Red! Code Red is SUPER weak compared to Sangrita Blast. I am floored that so many people didn’t like it – it’s literally my favorite drink ever made.

  12. i am absoultely hooked on the Sangrita Blast and cannot find it anywhere but Taco Bell. I am not a fan of Mountain Dew but I love this soda. WHERE ELSE CAN I FIND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. No doubt, Sangrita Blast is like the best soda out there. I am so bummed out that Taco Bell discontinued it. I used to go to Taco Bell every night to get my favorite soda, now what???

    1. I thought I was the only one crazy enough to go to taco bell multiple times a week to get the Sangrita Blast! Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one! ? I never really drank soda until I tasted it. I am extremely disappointed it’s discontinued. I haven’t been to Taco Bell since!

  14. I don’t think it tastes like code red at all and it’s way better than regular Mountain Dew. I guess I will be boycotting Mt Dew products until they bring Sangrita Blast back

  15. It’s better then Baja blast and actually one of my favorite dews. And now taco Bell don’t carry it any more how sad just like the pitch black 2 loved that sour grape was good

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