SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Planters Limited Edition S’mores & Nut Mix

Planters Limited Edition S'mores & Nut Mix

I think S’more & Rocky Road Mix would’ve been a more appropriate name. Also, I want to make an ice cream with this as a mix-in. (Spotted by Carla at Target.)

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12 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Planters Limited Edition S’mores & Nut Mix”

  1. I picked up a can of this mix at wal-mart and didn’t like it much. The marshmallow bits had a weird taste and the texture. I can’t describe the taste but it definitely didn’t taste like you’d expect a marshmallow to taste. The texture reminded me of a circus peanut. Not too good in my opinion. The chocolate almonds were pretty good but that’s kind of all I ate out of the can.

  2. Now why does the graham cracker need to be covered in yogurt??? What part of a s’more is yogurt???

  3. Seen this at Target but didn’t bite. The Mama Mellace trail mix is probably a lot better.

  4. Found these at Publix and my co-workers and I devoured them.
    It’s been my snack of choice ever since.

    Great flavor.

  5. I purchased this product; I’m sad to say that my son and I ate the whole can within two hours. Everything is very tasty!

  6. Got two of them. Taste good and addictive. They should make this a regular. It satisfies your chocolate crave and good to munch on.

  7. I now know why I got these on clearance for a dollar…the peanuts and almonds are good. The yogurt covered graham crackers are good. But the marshmallow bits…I don’t even know what those are…and the chocolate candy pieces? Why couldn’t they just use REAL chocolate chips? It was a decent bag to snack on but I wouldn’t buy it again.

  8. I go out of my way to buy this stuff. I am addicted! The marshmellows are the best! I fight my boyfriend for the whole can!

  9. I love these things… I discovered them a few weeks ago at a 7 11 near my home and I’ve been addicted every since. I eat about 4 bags a week!!

  10. Agreed the marshmallows were yucky. Was expecting a “Lucky Charm” taste, very disappointing. The yogurt also had no place in the mix. Ii thought the chocolate chips were fake at first! Also did not care for. The rest I ate. Will not buy again.

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