SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Yoplait Whips! Limited Edition Root Beer Float Yogurt

Yoplait Whips! Limited Edition Root Beer Float Yogurt

Airy whipped yogurt. Airy root beer float foam. Yup. This makes sense. (Spotted by @jtd717 at ShopRite.)

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11 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Yoplait Whips! Limited Edition Root Beer Float Yogurt”

  1. So there’s limited edition root beer float flavor of everything completely unfitting— oreos, chips ahoy, yogurt…. and not, I don’t know.. ice cream?

    1. I haven’t been able to find the Chips Ahoy Root Beer Float cookies in a long time! I hope they come back for summer.

  2. While an unorthodox choice for yogurt, this is probably the most appropriately chosen Whips! flavor yet in terms of approximating real-life texture.

  3. My new favorite yogurt is Yoplait Whips Root Beer Float. It’s a limited edition and tastes just like the foamy part of the classic float. I found it at Walmart on Sawmill Rd. in Columbus, Ohio.

  4. I love this flavor, and so does my family! I’m really hoping they make it for a long time. We can’t believe how much it actually is like a root beer float– the taste and the foamy texture.

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