FAST FOOD NEWS: McDonald’s McCafe Oreo Frappe

McDonald's Oreo Frappe

Update: We reviewed it! Click here to read our review.

Our internet pal Nick from On Second Scoop sent us a photo of a poster promoting a McCafe Oreo Frappé. According to a friend of Nick’s who works at a McDonald’s in Johnstown, NY, “It’s a mocha base but the base is mixed with something else as well. I don’t know what it is, and we add cookies and cream syrup and a spoonful of crushed Oreo. Topped with whipped cream and a light dusting of crushed Oreos.”

After a quick internet search, it appears the Oreo Frappé has been around for a few weeks in several markets, including Kansas City and Florida where it’s called the Cookies ‘n Creme Frappé. It’s unknown whether it’s a test product or a regional product.

If you’ve tried it, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

34 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: McDonald’s McCafe Oreo Frappe”

  1. Not turning away many suitors, are we? Oreo shakes a BK, Oreo Iced Coffee at DD, Oreo Frappe at McDonalds. You’re so easy you even make brownies slutty.

  2. “Cookies and Cream” syrup. Gross! Why they couldn’t use the actual oreos in there and cut the syrup out. Despite it saying using actual oreos but the syrup could raise the sweetness level way up.

    Since Oreos is popular. Why not do it with cookie butter that would be better. Cookie Butter Frappe sounds good.

    1. I work at McDonald’s you don’t have to get the syrup of you don’t want. It’s delicious either way. It’s called the Oreo Frappé where I work . I’m addicted to them .

      1. Here in Rockville Md they are also called Oreo frappe. It’s not on the menu yet, which may mean it’s being market tested. And I agree about the addiction. Now the problem is to get employees to make them with the same consistency all around. I don’t fault them though because it’s a new product that will take time to perfect. The first one I had was perfect. The second one I had wasn’t as thick and had too much mocha syrup. But i think this will be a winner once everyone makes it a standard uniformed concoction. Hopefully they won’t give up on the Oreo frappé!

      1. The most amazing thing ever! You def should look into trying cookie butter if you never have!

  3. Had a free coupon to try one for free. It was OK but the cookie was in took big of chunks they didn’t smash it good enough.

  4. I live in Florida and actually tried it. I liked it since they actually crushed it up fully here. It tasted like the Mocha Frappe with some Oreo mixed in but unfortunately the Oreo taste is not all the prevalent (if it had more then it would have been amazing).

  5. I tried it in Rhode Island and thought it was pretty good. It wasn’t overly Oreo flavored, it still tasted like coffee. Pretty much tasted like someone made a coffee milkshake and threw in crushed up Oreos and chocolate syrup.

    1. Live in RI as well. I had the cookies and creme frappe as well about a week ago and it was good, but like you said it tastes like coffee. The oreo taste isn’t distinct at all really, it tastes like a regular coffee frappe with some oreo in it. Definitely agree with your comment.

  6. I loved it. Tasted it in Boston last weekend. Loved the oero cookies in it. Could nor find it in New York so far. Very disappointed : (

  7. Had it last week when I was vacationing on the Carolina coast. I like it better than all the other Frappe flavors but it still needed a double shot of espresso to make it more coffee then milkshake. Was disappointed to find out they don’t have it in Western NC.. Almost as good as Starbucks frappes..

  8. Had it when in staten island NY, was sooo good! live in baltimore and cant find it here now 🙁

    1. Go further east. We’ve had them here in Montgomery County Md for about 2 weeks now!

  9. I loved it, tried at my McDonald’s but can’t find it ANYWHERE else. It could defiantly use more Oreos tho!!!

  10. I forgot to mention that I’m in Greenville, SC and it’s been around here for a few weeks now.

  11. Just tried the Oreo frappe at a McDonald’s in South Arlington, Texas. Delicious!!!

  12. Northern Wisconsin has them. Large mocha pushing 500 calories. Imagine this one

  13. I live in Minnesota and I’ve never liked anything with coffee in it. But people kept telling me to try the Oreo frappe, I am now obsessed with it and can’t stop getting it every time I go to work. I hope we keep it

  14. I luv the new drink but… afterwards i got hives so yeah 😛 did they put something in it that is fake??

  15. Not a big fan, I’d rather get a caramel frappe. Has a little watered down taste and chalky texture. This will be my first and last try of the Oreo Frappe.

  16. I live in Illinois and can get it anywhere. It’s great because it tastes the same everywhere here with plenty of Oreos. My niece introduced me to it and I’m addicted but because of the calories I limit myself to 2 a week.

  17. This Oreo Frappe tastes exactly as expected: type 2 diabetes. Following every sip comes a tinge of regret & remorse. I have had 2 thus far. I can say with deep honestly that the shame set in before one even has the chance to pay at the window. The drive from the ordering box to the first window is quite a long one. The entire time driving to window #1 you think, “wow what a horrible decision I have made…but it’s not too late to keep driving….” As your vehicle approaches the first window, you realize the teller said it was the second window. Still having ample opportunity to escape the sugar coma you know is coming….you proceed to hand over the money to the employee at window #2….only to make eye contact full of judgement. You then take the half-assed frappe from his unwashed hands, put in a straw & suck down the guilt…full of what you hope are legitimate ice fragments & Oreo cookies. Would I get this drink again? Probably. Will I turn to bulimia to purge this sinfulness? Most definitely. ‘Mercia!

  18. I actually made this drink up last year in September of 2014.. Except I would have to order the chocolate chip frappe and have to get the oreos blended in the frappe.. I think I should be compensated for the idea of the oreos in a frappe.. To bad that I didn’t ask McDonald’s corporation about this before it was introduced to the market.. I just had more important things going on.. Dang it I promise next time I come up with an idea like this I will not let it pass me by..

  19. I work at McDonalds. I do not like Carmel, Mocha, or Chocolate chip frappe’s. But the oreo frappe is delicious!

  20. They are super super delicious. However, you can only enjoy them in moderation! A medium is 690 calories and I got one everyday for almost 2 weeks because I thought they were so good and didn’t read the calories, and gained probably 5 pounds within the two weeks, so it should be treated the same as a big dessert treat, which I thought they tasted good enough to be anyway. I don’t even really like oreo but it was perfect in this!

  21. HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO ME! I feel so betrayed, as a loyal mcds patron – ivee been getting an OREO frappe EVERYDAY since reaalising its existance… WHAT DO YOU MMEAN OTS A SEASONAL PROMOTION??? NO I do NOT want anything else… why would they discontinue theyre best selling, most addicting, crack-infused deliciousness aka their oreo FRAP!!! ??????

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