SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Peter Pan Simply Ground Peanut Butter

Peter Pan Simply Ground Peanut Butter

Peter Pan Honey Roast Simply Ground Peanut Butter

This is the first Peter Pan product we’ve ever covered. I think it’s time to celebrate…with some Skippy peanut butter. Sorry, Peter Pan. That’s all I’ve got in the kitchen right now. (Spotted by Adam at Tops Friendly Markets.)

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24 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Peter Pan Simply Ground Peanut Butter”

  1. What’s with this “Creamy with a bit of crunch” nonsense? Pick a side, Peter Pan!

  2. I would try this as I love Peter Pan. I have hideous peanut butter taste though and also love Skippy.

    I saw a stand up bag of peanut powder by Jif in the store today. Wondered if it was supposed to be similar to PB 2.

    1. You have to try it. The best peanut butter my family has ever had. We can’t find it now and my wife and daughter are actually saddened by it. I’ve been sent all over looking for it with no luck. Seriously don’t understand people that critically critique something they have never had.

  3. When I was a kid in the Dark Ages before cell phones, cd’s, personal computers, and cable TV, most of our drinking glasses were courtesy of Peter Pan Peanut Butter. Back then, their jars were re-usable as glasses (I guess no screw top or plastic?). They had cartoon characters (mainly Disney?) imprinted on the glass. I think some jelly jars worked the same way. In more recent times, I did pick up some small jelly jars with Pokemon imprints but they’re not very good as drinking glasses because they have an inconvenient shape. The Peter Pan PB glasses were great.

  4. As a ONLY ground peanuts peanut butter daily breakfast user for over 30 years, Peter Pan’s label on their new product ‘Simply Ground’ appealed to me … the low price as well which I assumed was for getting into a new market… ONLY peanuts, peanut butter. Bought it, took it home found it delicious and then foolish me read the ingredients (I know SHAME on me for assuming labeling was true)… SUGAR is #2 ingredient, WHY would the Company apparently try to break into the ONLY peanuts market but not be ONLY peanuts? Why add any sugar??? …DECEPTION! is the only reason I could come up with because traditional sugar laden peanut butter eaters won’t like this product because it tastes TOO natural and ONLY peanuts peanut butter eaters will eventually get past the label and read the ingredients and find SUGAR! Companies get with it, It’s not all about the cost of the product but it is certainly about honesty! Bye, Bye Peter Pan!

    1. Nowhere on the container does it say “only” peanuts . Guess u should have read the ingredients before buying. I believe the point of the product was to promote the fact that it doesn’t have any artificial flavors or colors or preservatives. I’m fine with traditional peanut butter and this tastes just fine to me . The company was fine with what they advertised. I’m sure if it was intended for the peanut only crowd it would have said PEANUT ONLY or SUGAR FREE! Overall I’m impressed by this peanut butter , I tried the honey roasted and truly enjoyed !

    2. I agree.
      The reason I never eat Peter Pan to begin with, is the huge amount of Sugar and the hydrogenated vegetable oil. I won’t eat this new brand either. It really is the same thing..

  5. As a 30 year plus daily breakfast user of peanuts only peanut butter the new “Simply Ground” peanut butter label appealed to me…it was next to the known to be peanut only peanut butter products on the grocery shelf.
    FOOLISH me didn’t read the ingredient label, I assumed the lower price was because they were trying to break into a new market, bought it and took it home. It was delicious and tasted like simply peanuts peanut butter BUT it was not! Deception looms when the #2 ingredient is sugar and the label implies only peanuts. WHY would a Company do this??? a traditional sugar peanut butter lover won’t like this product and a peanut only peanut butter user will eventually find the ingredient label which spells out SUGAR… DECEPTION is the only logical answer! I know!…what’s new from manufacturers???

  6. I bought a jar and as I eat my PB on apples. I loved it.I’m going to buy my friend a jar so she can try it

  7. I believe Peter Pan is being knowingly deceptive in their marketing of “Simply Ground”. They are insinuating that their product is “only Peanuts”…even though it doesn’t SAY that, that’s the assumption that obviously a lot of people are making. I’m a label reader so they didn’t fool me for a second but for harried, busy parents who are in a hurry and their kids are fussing in the grocery store or busy adults that just want to grab something healthy… they may not have the time or energy to read every single label. Shame on you Peter Pan!

    1. Yes thank you Jamie… we got almost to the bottom of the jar and while for the toast to pop, I took a look and saw the hydrogenated oils and while I know they keep it creamy and stabilize and all that..yuck…feeling misled…busy momma should have read for sure…. those oils dont occur naturally back to ground peanuts. I really did enjoy the taste too…. Darn.

  8. Shame on me, too, for not reading the label. I’m on my second jar as I bought them buy-one-get-one-free at PUblix. It is delicious, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s probably half sugar. Maybe more. Total carbs 9 grams, 6 of which are sugar. 7 grams of protein and 16 grams of fat. Ok hurray! There’s more fat than sugar.
    The ingredients list requires a degree in Set Theory or LISP to read. Sugar in the peanut butter, then sugar as the 2nd ingredient after peanut butter. So, there’s sugar on top of sugar. Geez. Who can invent this type of deception?

  9. I love this peanut butter. Have always favored Jiff crunchy. I’m not a fan of creamy, but since I got my braces on a year an half ago, I’ve had to eat it since the crunchy gets stuck too bad in the brackets. I saw this the other week and grabbed it. It’s wonderful. Solved my problem. Have been eating PB for most of my 58 years, and so glad I can eat the crunchy again.

  10. Tried this for the first time at a friends house, I was very impressed! I grew up on Peter Pan, switched to Skippy, and am now going back to my old Peter Pan! Nice change of flavor, perfect for my nighttime snack ?.

  11. This is the Best Peanut Butter I have ever had.

    I did not find the labeling misleading.

    Peter Pan should advertise this more –

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