FAST FOOD NEWS: Is Pizza Hut’s Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza Coming To The U.S.?

Pizza Hut Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza




South Korea.

Since 2012, these are countries that have had the Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza offered at their Pizza Hut restaurants at one time or another. Absent from this list is the pizza and hot dog-loving United States. But that may change on June 18.

Impulsive Buy reader The Groove Machine sent us this photo of a promotional flyer that features a French’s mustard packet with another condiment packet that has printed on it a Venn diagram with a hot dog in one circle and a pizza in another. It could mean Pizza Hut will finally be offering their Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza in the U.S. Or it could be a pizza that’s topped with hot dogs and mustard. Or maybe they’re doing what Burger King recently did.

We’ll find out on June 18.

If you have any information about it, please share it in the comments.

17 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Is Pizza Hut’s Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza Coming To The U.S.?”

  1. I’m a “millennial” that these companies seem to talk about when it comes to falling sales… McDonald’s, anyone?

    With Pizza Hut, there is so much inconsistency. 9 times out of 10, I’m going to receive a pizza with not enough cheese… Just look at their Facebook page of photos submitted by people. Pizza Hut needs to fix their core.

  2. Yup, it’s totally coming, I work at Pizza Hut and can completely confirm that we’re going to be doing a hotdog stuffed crust pizza.

      1. No clue, I’m just a cook at one restaurant. But we’ve been talking about it for about a month already amongst ourselves.

        1. This is SO awesome! I had lost all hope that we’d ever get this in the US. The only other thing I hope for someday is the return of the Priazzo! I think that’s what it was called. It was a multi-layered deep dish pizza pie that was loaded with sauce and toppings. Pretty much like an awesome pizza lasagna!

  3. Finally something creative!!!! Or why not they do hot dog pizza rollers? Instead of whole pizza just hotdog with sauce, toppings, and cheese wrapped up in a hot dog.

  4. I suppose their use of the word “frankly” in the promotional flyer is intended to be another clue that the June 18th reveal will be about hot dogs.

  5. Too bad the pizza hut near me closed down last year. It was an older one and they didn’t even tell anyone why they closed. Employees didn’t even know. They went to work and there was a sign on the door saying they were closed. Weird.

    1. Maybe there was some illegal gambling and drug dealing going on in back and they quickly shut down so they wouldn’t get caught

  6. Hot dogs are one of my favorite things to eat and this doesn’t sound appetizing to me at all.

  7. Lol don’t improve your shitty pizza PH, just add crappy hot dogs to it. PH is a joke nowadays.

  8. Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza rollout CONFIRMED. Beleaguered Pizza Hut in-store wage slaves are being forced to roll the carcinogenic weiners into hundreds of thawed dough crusts at a time with no additional compensation.

    This is par for the course in an organization that saddles its excitotoxic customers with an outrageous $2.59 crotchkicking “convenience charge” on all deliveries…the $2.59 surcharge is an ABSOLUTE DECEPTION–it reflects the amount of an average driver gratuity, so the braindead customer base is left with the impression that the delivery driver receives that money–THE FACT IS THAT NOT ONE PENNY OF THAT SURCHARGE GOES TO THE DELIVERY DRIVER, 100% OF IT GOES TO THE COMPANY!

    Customers often feel that, in light of this nefarious surcharge, they have no obligation to tip the driver another three bucks.

    Consider this: a typical Pizza Hut delivery driver suffers with an $8.00 hourly wage, part-time, wildly inconsistent hours that preclude her or his reliable availability for necessary-to-survival second and third jobs, MUST MAKE A CAR PAYMENT, PAY FOR GASOLINE, OIL, MAINTENANCE, ROAD USE/LICENSING, INSURANCE, AND REPAIRS OUT-OF-POCKET!

    Any complaints addressed to managers, sorry, “coaches” are met with, “You’re not being a good team player!,” reduced/undesirable/wildly inconsistent shift assignments, broken VERBAL-ONLY, EMPTY PROMISES, and ultimately, summary dismissal with illegitimate, trumped-up cause(s).



    1. ATTENTION Pizza Hut “customers” (dupes) and “employees” (vassals):

      If you want to GetHuman,
      call a powerless “customer care” drone who will only be able to tell you,

      “I understand that you are upset. I DO understand that’s how you FEEL. Well, we certainly do appreciate your OPINIONS!!”

      Never mind that your complaints are neither “feelings” nor “opinions”; THEY ARE PROVABLE FACTS!

      If you are insistent, you will be transferred to other compartmentalized, patronizing nonfeasants within the same “location undisclosed” call center, whose “superior”payscales and titles are based upon their relative mastery of their One Pony Trick: NO RESPONSE/REDIRECT.

      If you REALLY force the issue, you will be transferred YET AGAIN to ANOTHER “location undisclosed” call center where you will endure an even more ingratiating style of unresponsiveness, now proffered by an unflappablly oily change agent/facilitator type known as an “Escalations Specialist”.

      For some unknown/undisclosable reason, the corporate headquaters are unbound by the Decaying Corporate/Communitarian Culture of Fear that must surely hang like a black cloud over the “location undisclosed” call centers.

      Pizza Hut
      7100 Corp.orate Drive
      Plano, TX 75024

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