SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Jif Peanut Powder and Chocolate Peanut Powder

Jif Peanut Powder and Chocolate Peanut Powder

First there was spreadable Jif. And now there’s snortable Jif! Warning: Do not snort Jif Peanut Powder or Chocolate Peanut Powder. (Spotted by Adam at Tops Friendly Markets.)

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7 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Jif Peanut Powder and Chocolate Peanut Powder”

  1. Interesting. PB2 obviously has most of the market share, but the stuff is expensive. I wonder how this compares nutrition wise (hard to tell without seeing the serving size weight.)

    This kind of stuff is great in oatmeal and smoothies but pretty lame in sandwiches.

    1. i agree. it can be decent in baked good recipes, too or in dips, but it’s terrible if you want to use it as the pb in a pb sandwich.

    1. If it’s exactly like PB2, all of the nutritional value is sucked out of it. The only benefit is regular peanut butter has a lot of calories and this powder form has a lot less calories. You can have peanut butter on a regular basis without all the added calories.

  2. I tried the regular Jif Peanut Powder and LOVED it. I used to buy PB2 but they add sugar and salt – Jif just contains roasted Peanuts. Plus it’s has 8g of protein per serving – that’s double the amount in PB2!

    I’m not a fan of reconstituting, especially without adding a little honey for sweetener. However, this is a staple in my morning smoothies – or just about anything else I feel like adding a little peanut taste too.

    One other thing – I’m also slightly obsessed with the cool re-closable seal on this pouch. Thanks Jif!

  3. I decided to try it and absolutely love it in my chocolate shakeology with a banana and almond milk, makes it taste like a peanut butter cup!

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