SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Duncan Hines Perfect Size (Lemon Bliss and Chocolate Lover’s)

Duncan Hines Perfect Size (Lemon Bliss and Chocolate Lover's)

Is it the perfect size, Duncan Hines? Is it REALLY the perfect size? (Spotted by Erika at Walmart.)

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17 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Duncan Hines Perfect Size (Lemon Bliss and Chocolate Lover’s)”

  1. Are these individual servings? I think Betty Crocker used to make those-Warm Delights. But they disappeared.

  2. Yes! I was going to say the same thing lol Loved those Warm Delights.. I bet this 6″ cake isn’t individual, but it will be.

  3. It would be ideal if they did a wedding cake type with a raspberry pouch. Instead of whole cake or having go to the bakery get a slice. Do the “perfect” size kind.

  4. This is the perfect size when you want to make your significant other a lemon birthday cake, but not a whole friggin sheet cake for two.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. I agree! I’ve made the Red Velvet Valentine’s Day version several times and it is perfect for just a few servings and tastes great. The extra work people are complaining about is silly. It’s worth the effort for this gem of a cake.

  5. Wondering where in Tracy Calif. Zip code 95377 can I purchase Duncan Hines Perfect Size cake mixes.

  6. Far from perfect, not like Warm Delights at all. Requires a mixing bowl, egg, butter and an oven. Frosting is powdered! 6″ pan is cardboard and an odd thing to advertise.

    Flavors: 2x chocolate, red velvet, yellow cake w/ choc frosting, lemon bliss.

  7. Back in the 70s and 80s they sold cake mixes very much like this called “Snacking Cakes”. You got an 8×8 cardboard pan and a pouch of cake mix that you mixed with water in the pan and baked, and a little pouch of frosting. You may have needed an egg also, or we just used an egg and milk instead of water to make it richer (back when milk was whole milk). Loved them! They were the perfect size for four servings. I remember applesauce raisin, spice, chocolate and yellow. Can’t wait to try these…especially the strawberry crème.

    1. Betty Crocker had a similar product in the late 70s – early 80s called Stir & Frost. It was so easy – just add water to the mix, stir right in the pan and bake. It came with a little pouch of frosting. I got a box of the Duncan Hines Perfect Size and plan to try it soon. But, if I’m going to have to use the mixer to mix the cake, and again to mix the frosting, why not just make a regular cake and share with a neighbor?

  8. I found these by chance the other day at our local Food lion. I made it because I was curious, Yes it required a mixing bowl and a mixer. The frosting was a powder form which was so simple to mix together. The pan did not require oil so I thought it was great.
    The taste is fantastic I brought the lemon cake. These are great if it is just you.

  9. I tried this cake last night. The carton says, “just the right size for 2 to 4 people.” Then they list the nutrition facts for 1/5 of the package. I don’t want to have to do the math! So I’ll just eat the cake and forget about the calories. I expected ready-to-serve frosting, but instead found dry frosting mix in the carton. After making the cake batter I had to wash the bowl and beaters to make the frosting and then wash then again at cleanup. Too much work. I made the Golden Fudge cake and the cake was a bright artificial yellow color. The taste was just ok. Way too much effort for an ok cake. I’ll just stick to Duncan Hines regular cake mix and make two 8 inch cakes and use Duncan Hines ready-to-serve frosting. Then I can freeze one for later with only half the clean up and a better cake.

  10. This seemed like a good idea for us since we’re only two people and we also don’t like to have too much cake or other full fat desserts around. While we were fine with the result (we cut it into 8ths and serve with lowfat ice cream to balance the fat and calories), the only real trouble saved is with the pan. I expected a pack of ready-made frosting but as others have said it’s a frosting mix that requires creaming butter first–all the trouble and cleanup of a full sized cake without all the actual resulting cake! The thing I liked the most was the pan and you can apparently just buy those now. With premade frosting his would be a smarter buy, but I think I will just get some paper pans and halve prebought cake mixes like I used to.

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