SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Limited Edition Cookies & Creme Oreo Cookies

Limited Edition Cookies & Creme Oreo Cookies

Oreoception Oreo Cookies are back! Since we covered this in the past, I wasn’t going to post this photo. But then 28 of you also sent in a photo of it. So to prevent my email inbox from being stuffed with dozens of Limited Edition Cookies & Creme Oreo Cookies photos, I decided to post it. (Spotted by Lisa at Dillions/Kroger.)

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18 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Limited Edition Cookies & Creme Oreo Cookies”

  1. Isn’t this just an Oreo stuffed with an Oreo? Kind of poorly thought out. Definitely not exciting.

  2. They’ve been selling them in individual sized packets here in Ecuador for the past few months…I’ve tried them and they’re surprisingly good!!

    1. I saw the cookie dough ones at a Walmart near Charlotte. They seemed to have more packs than they knew what to do with.

      1. No I bought my Key Lime @ Meijer.

        I do know the Cookies & Creme Oreos are a KROGER exclusive because they announced it on their facebook page a week ago.

        1. which that is why my local Harris Teeter had them here in NC as they own them as well.

  3. To those who’ve tried them, how exactly do they taste different from standard Oreos?

    1. They don’t. Maybe a little sweeter, but that might just be me searching deep for something that isn’t there.

  4. Where are my Cinnamon Roll Oreos. The cookie would taste similar to the cinnamon dunkers and the cream would be vanilla icing flavor.

    1. We think alike. I demand:

      Cinnamon Roll Oreos
      Salted Caramel Oreos
      Nutella/Hazelnut Oreos
      Egg Nog Oreos (In time for the holidays)

      1. Egg Nog Oreos would be amazing & I could crush them up into Egg Nog Talenti;D.

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