COMING SOON IN JAPAN: Minions Banana Cheetos

Minions Banana Cheetos  Japan

Oh Japan! I love you!

On August 10, Frito-Lay Japan will release banana-flavored Cheetos to help promote the release of the Minions movie in Japan. It’s the company’s first attempt at fruit-flavored Cheetos. I know it sounds like a weird flavor, but if you follow Japanese Cheetos like I do, it’s not so much. Pepsi-flavored Cheetos…Japan. Mountain Dew-flavored Cheetos…also Japan.

According to the press release, the crunchy snack not only has banana powder, but also cinnamon and a little salt.

6 thoughts to “COMING SOON IN JAPAN: Minions Banana Cheetos”

  1. minions! so unfair… I have seen lots of minion food from around the world! we just got twinkies and stickers on bananas and tic tacs LOL I want the minions chicken nuggets and the mcdonalds drink!!!!

  2. Those Cinnamon Cheetos were weird tasting but they were decent. I’d expect then same from these.

  3. So it’s somehow Sweetos with additional banana flavor? ^^
    Or banana flavored Cinnamon Twists (Taco Bell)?

    btw: Banana and Cinnamon ist THE classic combination. Fits perfectly. Like pineapple and cinnamon. ^^

      1. Alright… after reading the comment again i’m not sure i intended to write pineapple… although i still stand behind that statement. pineapple and cinnamon is an amazing combination. grilled pineapple with a sugar cinnamon glaze (and maybe flambéed with rum?)… D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! ^^
        Or just a grilled/roasted pineapple sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and a scoop of vanilla ice cream? caramelized pineapple with cinnamon whipped cream. 😀 ^^
        Or if you want to go a completely different way i once made myself a hawaiian inspired oatmeal with pineapple, milk, cinnamon, sweetener of choice and some raisins (optional). I need to make that again btw… was really good ^^

        I still wonder if it was really pineapple and cinnamon i had in mind while writing the comment… wasn’t it more like BBQ Sauce and pineapple… apple and cinnamon…

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