COMING SOON IN CANADA: Lay’s Do Us a Flavour 2015 Finalists

Lay s Canada Do Us a Flavour 2015

Lay’s Canada recently announced the four 2015 Do Us a Flavour finalists.

Lay’s Wavy Cowboy BBQ Beans was submitted by Brenda Boghean of Calgary. Her flavor was inspired by rodeo food in Western Canada. So get the flavor of beans without the farting of beans.

Lay’s Original Butter Chicken was suggested by Darryl Francispillai of Mississauga, Ontario, and he looked at his South Asian heritage for inspiration. Despite its name, butter chicken is not just butter and chicken. There’s yogurt, spices, and other ingredients. After looking at a number of recipes to find out what butter chicken is, I now have a craving for butter chicken. Thanks, Darryl!

Lay’s Original Montreal Smoked Meat was turned in by Zdravko Gunjevic of Waterloo, Ontario and it was inspired by Quebec and named for that city’s deli favourite. This flavor is Canada’s Reuben.

Lay’s Original PEI Scalloped Potatoes was submitted by Jordan Cairns of Burlington, Ontario. His flavor was inspired by his favourite side dish at family dinners and the spuds’ cultivation in Atlantic Canada. What’s PEI? It stands for Prince Edward Island. Where’s that? I didn’t Google that far.

Voting for these flavors start on August 11. If you’ve tried any of them, share your thoughts about them in the comments.

(Hat tip to Trevor)

17 thoughts to “COMING SOON IN CANADA: Lay’s Do Us a Flavour 2015 Finalists”

  1. Tried all four today.

    Butter chicken has Indian flavors but doesn’t really translate into a chip. Maybe if they were kettle chips and more seasoning

    Montreal smoked meat tasted like smoke and mustard. Not my favorite.

    Cowboy beans was great. Loved the wavy chips, thick dark seasoning tastes like BBQ sauce with bacon and maple syrup

    Scalloped potatoes tasted like au gratin or sour cream and cheddar. Boring.

    1. in which grocery store did you find the new chips? And from which region of Canada are you ? I was not able to find them yet in Ottawa/Gatineau.

      Considering doing a road trip to the U.S. To try their flavours as well 🙂 lucky enough i only live one hour away from the border.

  2. Canadian flavors sounds better than the flavors here in USA. Those flavors seems to make more sense pairing with potatoes.

  3. Prince Edward Island is one of Canada’s Maritime provinces, known for its potatoes.

    I’m curious to see how these will fare. The last winner of the Do Us a Flavour contest we had here won only because apparently the creators of the flavour (which was maple) bribed Frito-Lay or something. But the funny thing is that everyone HATED it. I’m not a chip person and never tried it, but it was always the only flavour of the four left in stores. So Lays very quickly announced a new contest.

    1. I am shocked someone from PEI made the contest, let alone a final contestant. My mom is from there and we go every couple years.

    2. Maple Moose was two years ago. Last year’s winner was Jalapeno Mac n Cheese.

      Oddly enough, I loved the Maple Moose chips, while I found the Jalepeno Mac N Cheese ones revolting and impossible to finish.

  4. I hope the scalloped potatoes one doesn’t win, it’s obviously the safety of the 4 and doesn’t deserve it.

    We don’t need another cheese chip.

  5. Without having tried them yet, I think the U.S. field wins this year by a landslide! Butter Chicken is the only really intriguing one for me… will still eat all of them.

    I think Canada schooled us last year, so it’s nice to get one back. RIP Tzatziki Chips.

  6. Just tried the BBQ Beans flavor, and just as I suspected they taste a LOT like the Maple Moose chips from two years ago, but because they have a less ridiculous name, people might be more prone to like them. Also I think the wavy style works better for these.

  7. I bought butter chicken & montreal smoked meat. Yet to try the smoked meat ones but the butter chicken are really good!

  8. Butter Chicken is my fave so far… it’s pleasant enough – followed by the P.E.I. Scalloped Potato flavour, which taste cheesy but I think too salty. Then the Montreal Smoked Meat (which taste like mustard on rye bread with the smoked meat hanging on in the background – great for about 3 chips and then… overwhelming). Sadly the Cowboy Baked Bean flavour is dreadful – they *do* taste like navy beans but I don’t get any BBQ flavour at all. Instead: carbonized who-knows-what + beans = what the actual hell? They are not as terrible as the maple moose a few years ago which were execrable; they tasted like tar smells! YUCK! Another year they had just plain maple and those were actually pretty good though having maple flavoured chips was kind of strange! 🙂

    1. I like the scalloped potato chips best. The butter chicken is also nice, but the smoked meat chips are odd. The baked bean chips are my least favourite, but that’s partly because the scalloped chips are too thick and the flavouring is really heavy on them.

  9. Canada got the good flavors again. Ours suck. The BEST flavor is the truffle because it doesn’t actually have a flavor.


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