SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Welch’s Graham Slam! PB & J Graham Cracker Sandwiches

Welch's Graham Slam! PB & J Graham Cracker Sandwiches

Graham crackers, peanut butter, and jelly sounds more like a triple play to me. Not sure I can trust Welch’s with peanut butter so I may intentionally walk by these. I also balk at the unnecessary exclamation point. (Spotted by Robbie at Walmart.)

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35 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Welch’s Graham Slam! PB & J Graham Cracker Sandwiches”

  1. Pre-frozen then thawed graham crackers sound… not that great. But maybe it’s more along the lines of an ice cream sandwich kind of deal?

    1. I tried them and they were grea. Even after thawing, the crackers were still crunchy. 🙂

  2. I would walk past them too. I don’t know what they did to their fruit snacks, but they smell vomit inducing now.

  3. These look like the PB&J graham sandwiches they would give kids that didn’t have a lunch ticket when I was in elementary school.

    1. they taste exactly like them. my little helpers ate then for a treat when they helped put lunch cards away. they also sold them in the snack shack at our middle schools

  4. I’m curious but perplexed at the same time… Are these pre-frozen? Or shelf stable? Are they meant to be kept cold, or does it need to be thawed enough to eat but not quite room temp? My brain is going “Ohhh yum” and “Ewww gross” at the same time considering it’s Welch’s jelly. So many questions! Wondering if this is finally Welch’s answer to the Uncrustable.

    1. They are frozen. You can eat them that way, or thaw for awhile. I liked it thawed for a bit. I really liked them. I love peanut butter and jelly. They do have quite a few calories .

    2. All of you people are out of your fucking minds it’s peanut butter and jelly on graham crackets just eat it

  5. These are the BEST types of sandwiches
    you leave them frozen but then thaw out what you want and OMG theyre so good
    ate them all the time for breakfast in school

  6. These are the BEST types of sandwiches
    you leave them frozen but then thaw out what you want and OMG theyre so good
    ate them all the time for breakfast in school. They have the GFS brand 12 for 12$

  7. I saw a bag full of these sitting in my fridge a few weeks back. I ate one then ate the entire bag in just a few days. I don’t know, but I really liked them. I think you are supposed to thaw them then leave them in the fridge to stay cool.

  8. awesome, great high protein snack! I t would be nice of you could choose one with reduced sugar. My co-workers loved them as well.. sooo good!!!!

  9. Tried these. Ate one “frozen” and it was delicious! Not a big PB&J person but PB&J on the graham crackers were very tasty!!

  10. I do the Susan G. Komen breast cancer awareness walks. The walkers fuel up on these during the walk and jokingly call them “crack.” We are very disappointed when they don’t have them.

  11. Had these on the SGK walk in Philly, oh dear God they are addicting. Komen Krack they joked. Love these. I had to live on those and carrots due to food allergies. I stopped in a pit stop and stacked up, taking 3 and shoving them into my fanny pack for the road. I know they were great out on the walk but I don’t think I can be trusted with them in the house.

  12. I love em… but where do I buy em from?? I have been looking everywhere for em.. what stores have them????

  13. Welch’s PB&J Graham Snackers are!
    If you like peanut butter you will love them

  14. These are actually really good. I keep them on hand at home as well as in the freezer at work for any time that I need a substantial snack (they are pretty high in calories) but don’t have any time to spare. You can eat them within about 5 minutes of removing them from the freezer and the grahams stay crunchy, whether frozen or thawed. They’re also good to eat on those hungover mornings when you just need food and can’t even be bothered to pour cereal or operate the microwave. Not that I’d know from experience.

  15. I get them all the time, there really good. I would definitely recommend them

  16. These were served as part of the free lunch program at Flint Public Schools in Flint, Michigan from the 1980s – 1990s. I saw these in Walmart and instantly had a flashback seeing these on the little styrofoam lunch trays. They taste the same, however, sometimes the graham crackers were chocolate flavored. Has anyone seen this flavor?
    Anyways, most of the kids who got lunch were poor and will probably get a kick out of having these again. These + a carton of chocolate milk and a mixed fruit cup = smile on a poor little welfare kid’s face.. (*sheds tear*) I’m rich now, though. (*grins*)

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