COMING SOON: Doritos Loaded in the Frozen Food Aisle

Doritos Loaded Frozen

It appears Doritos Loaded is going from 7-Eleven to Burger King and other convenience stores to the frozen food aisle. The photo above was taken at a Walmart in Alabama by long time Impulsive Buy reader Ayumiin. According to her, there wasn’t any product available for sale, just this advertisement.

7 thoughts to “COMING SOON: Doritos Loaded in the Frozen Food Aisle”

    1. My browser shows a couple of links to a review and a news item about them from The Impulsive Buy. If you don’t see the same thing, just use the search function on the site.

  1. Walmart is pushing new items monthly. I’m willing to wager we’ll see these in September or October as this month the welch’s graham slam is featured.

  2. I spotted a freezer case stocked full of these in my local (Indiana) Walmart yesterday, Sept 7th! There were two varieties: nacho cheese and jalapeno cheese.

    1. I’ve tried these and they are so good! Can’t wait to go get some more. I hope they are in stock.

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