Hostess Suzy Q's (2015)

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Hostess Suzy Q’s are back! So now you can get your chocolate cake and creamy filling fix from a Hostess product not called Cup Cakes, Ho Hos, or Ding Dongs. (Spotted by Allison G. at Walmart)

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98 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Hostess Suzy Q’s”

  1. Now instead of the swarms of facebook comments complaining about their being no Suzy Q’s, they will be replaced with they don’t taste the same I hate it.

      1. Don’t bother everything about her is different they might as well have even changed the name. I am happy for you if you like the new ones. I’ve been waiting for a long time to me it’s a serious let down from the original!!!

        1. Yes me too! I want the old ones back. It’s like new coke all over again! Lol

        2. I totally agree they were larger and the only part of the cake that came off alittle was on the bottom. I remember licking off the cardboard . it was so much larger and the quality of the cakes….not the same……hosstess you really disappointed me this time. A mememory so clear in my mind like it was yesterday!!!!! What a let down

          1. I agree. Just finished eating one of the new tiny ones – horrible. The cake portion is virtually tasteless and the creamy middle is nothing like the old ones. I’m glad I didn’t buy a whole box. I won’t be a purcherer of these in the future. ??

    1. I read some of the thoughts on this project and I felt let down as well knowing they are square than a rectangular shaped like they were years ago so could you please try to fix this issue and please add more frosting I’m a really huge fan of theese little gems so I would greatly appreciate that thankyou ever so kindly :0)

    2. i agree the new suzy q’s lack the creamy filling sweet goodness don’t let me forget sticky..however the cake part is better than the old one, i’m not really happy with the new suzy q’s it won’t be a compulsive i gotta have it buy anymore. walmart should make far walmart’s cupcakes and snowballs are better than hostess is now.

    3. Because they do taste yucky.
      Just like all their other products since they reopened.
      My husband just saw them in the store finally here in, Iowa. Bought a box for me yesterday.
      Idk… They certainly didn’t want the new owners to be productive.

    4. I agree the chocolate was much darker and needs more filling but I will accept these one also there not to bad. But hope they keep them at Walmarts in Texas. And change them back to the dark chocolate cakes with lots of filling

        1. April 2016 around 2 weeks later can’t find on shelves at Walmart why even put them on shelves the end of March 2016 this was bad on hostess part

    5. They are not the same. The cake is way too light and there’s hardly any frosting in the middle. These are definitely not Suzy Q’s

      1. I definitely agree…BRING BACK THE OLD SUZY Q’S!!! Not the same chocolatey cake nore the same creamy filling…the original tasted 100 x’s better…i was kind of disappointed being that i have been searching for them forever and now that i found them the aren’t what i expected. Who do i complain to?? I want an adress a number something lol

    6. Was so happy to see Suzy on the shelf . at work. They were the vending machine favorite and I have been retired 17yrs. Glad Suzy got back before I left this earth haha.. Only thing I noticed is cake part needs to be heaver and cream a little sweeter. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!

    7. i just got some suzy q’s last week from walmart my friend got me a box and they really dont taste. the same or look the same im thinking they forgot how to make them i was mad

    8. Very disappointing. At first sight I was so happy to see that they were back. But they don’t taste the same and they are half size. Just so disappointed.
      Too bad they were my favorite along with Drake’s Swiss Rolls.

    9. I saw them and then become more then happy. I got in my car and run home with my old time loving friend. But even before my lips came to taste what should have been one of the best days of my life,lol…. before that could even happen. My eyes just didnt like what I saw. But I still jumped right in…..But then my mouth just was not into this thing called Suzy Q. Yes it sucked!!!!!! and boy did it suck bad.Can we have the old back??????

    10. The new Suzy Q’s are disgusting!! They taste nothing like the originals. My advice if you can’t do the same recipes from years ago stop making these please!!

    11. I was anxious to try the Suzy Q’s when I heard they had come back on the shelves I just bought some and they are terrible I was so disappointed Suzy Q’s was always one of my favorite and they ruined it bring back the old Suzy Q’s why ruin a good thing

    12. They are not like the original Suzy Q, they’re smaller have no flavor and stick badly to the backing. Messy withno taste! !

        1. just get used to the old yummy Hostess is forever gone the only thing left of the company is its name. twinkies don’t even taste as good. i love suzy q’s and ding dongs….i no longer keep them on the shelf….not worth the money.

    1. Apparently, reading is too much to ask of you. It says “spotted by Allison G. at Walmart.” Is it to much to ask for you to read on your own, like a big boy?

      1. I WENT to Walmart. For Suzy qs. I came back empty handed and my self-esteem suffered.

      2. Obviously not all Walmart’s carry them. I live on the East Coast and not one store over here carries the Suzy Q’s. Be kind to there when they ask a simple question.

        1. Marita – I found Suzy Qs at a Super Fresh Food World, a division of Key Food, here in NJ. And yes, they are a monumental disappointment.

      3. Obviously not all Walmart’s carry them. I live on the East Coast and not one store over here carries the Suzy Q’s. Be kind to others when they ask a simple question.

    2. check walmart i just bought a box to my disappointment this morning. the new Hostess dont even make good ding dongs and please do not eat the faux choco diles…omg now called chocolate covered twinkies…nasty..i miss my treats…well on the upside i’ve lost 40lbs. *shrugs*

    3. I bought 2 boxes of Suzy Qs at Meijer they were on sale 2/5$ plus I was so happy to see the finally put them back on the shelves I actually was surprised it took this long to bring them back. So anyways I got home and before I put the Suzy Q away I had to taste 1 well I was surprised when I seen how small it was and the shape I was disappointed it didn’t look like a Suzy Q at all so I figured it should at least taste the same and to my disappointment once again it did not taste the same So It looks worse and taste horrible. I can’t believe it’s half the size but they want to charge full price . All the negative post about the Suzy Qs are true . They use to be my favorite all I bought were Suzy Qs with a glass of cold Milk. I can’t believe they came back with them just to let us down. I will not buy hostess again not until they change there recipes and come back with a better taste. So far I rate hostess below average.

      1. wys they are not the same taste or look i agree they needs to do something about that hostess mess that old fashion cake up im really mad

  2. I found one at a gas station in Iowa last weekend. I was so excited to see them back on the shelves. It was dated good by some day in November and I opened it and it smelled and was moldy!!! Such a buzz kill!

  3. I found them at the register in a stop and shop 2 weeks ago. Bought a few packs. They only had them as pack sale, not a box. It was 2 to a pack. They are smaller and a slightly different texture, more spongy than they used to be, but tasted exactly the same. Haven’t been able to find them again yet though.

  4. Hostess states they have NOT brought back Suzy Qs – I sent them the pick and they have not yet repsonded to it.

  5. I bought a pack of Suzy q’s in Leominster mass while on vacation and took a bite…. It tasted horrible and I spit it out…they were covered in mold!!! Yuck.

    1. I always check the date and look really good but thanks for the heads up! P.S have not seen any yet in cali

      1. I seen them in redlands ca at a Chevron but they don’t have temperature anymore. I got 3 packs the last 3. Now I can find them at all.

    1. Update: I finally bought a box at Walmart in Darien Illinois off of 75 st and Lemont. They r back! BUT,…….does not taste 100% the same.

  6. I got mine at a convenience store in Crescent Springs, Ky, just outside Cincinnati. It is smaller and the consistency is off a bit but it does taste the same to me. The wrapper takes off the top layer when opened, though.

  7. I bought a pack of Suzy Q’s in a Stop and Shop in Baldwin, NY. I was deeply disappointed. They are smaller and the texture is different. The top layer came off the top for me also, Danno. It smelled like plastic, but I did take 2 bites anyway. Didn’t taste the way that I remembered. If they’re going to bring back a classic it has to be done right. Still waiting for the Real Deal Suzy Q.

    1. Same experience I had when I bought mine in Chicago last month. This WAS my favorite Hostess cake growing up. Completely disappointed because it doesn’t taste the same.

  8. I bought 2 boxes in a stop and shop in north haven Connecticut. I took a picture. After I finished the 2 boxes I bought the remaining 4 individuals packs.
    Ive been waiting years for them. I’m now waiting for Yankee doodles.
    I asked one of the workers could she order more and she look at me like I was crazy she had no clue what they were but wrote down their name. I’m hoping.

  9. Please please help me. I need to buy a large amount of these for a funeral. My friend is dieing and these are what saved her life…she ate a whole box one night and woke up with stomach pains and her house was on fire. So please help me. Money no issue

  10. I read somewhere that they are testing them in the bigger markets, to see how well they do. Go to and get phone numbers, email, or send a message to Hostess. I did, and got a letter in the mail thanking me for my comments. And as a thank you they enclosed a coupon for a free small item of my choice. Maybe if enough people contact them, then they might bring the item back to all markets.

    1. I wrote to their office in KC, MO. 2 months ago.
      A reply came with a coupon for a free single anack and a message that they still have no plans to re-introduce the Suzy Q until their core products are readily available in all markets.
      Im in St Louis and havent seen any (fakes).

    1. I bought 3 boxes at Walmart in savannah tn last week and they are smaller and square, not rounded and long and lookslike they are cut like cake and not much in the middle

  11. I bought a few packages of Suzy Qs in Connecticut back in October (2015). I have not seen them since. I read that Hostess’ machines broke and they were hoping to get them back into production sometime this year (2016).

  12. Please bring back the Suzie Q’s and the Yankee Doodles! I know many many people would buy them. ;). Thank you!

  13. They are smaller and skinnier and taste nothing like the old ones.. These new ones are disgusting..

    1. yes I agree, tastes more like a moist devils dog, definitely not a Suzy-Q, very disappointing

  14. They are back as of March but nobody in NYC has them and people have the nerve to sell them on Amazon for $17 a box. If anyone knows how I can get them shipped, please post.

  15. Bought some at ShopRite in uniondale ny.
    Was excuted like hell but they dont taste the same. Rich dark chocolate cake is no more instead taste n texture of devil dog cake.

  16. Was so happy to find Suzy Q on Olivehurst, Ca. I bought two packs. They did not sell boxes just the two pack.

    They do not look or taste the same. They are awful. The cake is spongy, not a thick cake the way it used to be. The creme is more whippy and not as sweet almost tasteless. The look, taste and feel is all wrong. These are not the same Suzy Qs we used to love. These new ones are s really poor imitation.

  17. Got a box of Suzy Q’s today! No, they’re not the same as the ooey gooey ones I remember, but these definitely give a nod to the originals. Not bad at all. One question though: Who is “Heather” that is referenced on the box? (“They’re back!! To put a smile on Heather’s face!”)

  18. We purchased these “Suzi q’s” at Walmart. Sooooo disappointed!!! They tast nothing like befor and look nothing like them. I thought ok they look weird but hopefully taste good… They are gross!!! Don’t waste your money!!!!!

  19. Write or email Hostess about the difference in the taste of the Suzy Q. They will call you back or email you back. They sent me a few coupons for free boxes of any Hostess products. The large boxes too. The address is PO BOX 419593, Kansas City, MO. 64141-6593. 800-483-7253. You can look up email online on Hostess Brand llc. LET THEM KNOW!

  20. Just found them at Walmart in Orlando, Fl. I agree that they do not taste at all like I remember. I would rate them a 5 based on the original’s being a ten. I was so looking forward to having them back, but I guess my waistline will be better off with me not buying them.

  21. Hostess should be ashamed to call that mess Suzy Q. The cake is too fluffy and don’t taste like nothing.

  22. Susie Q’s were my favorite so I was really thrilled to see them in the store. I bought the last two 8 pack boxes they had and couldn’t wait to get home to eat them and then came the disappointment they were nothing like the old ones. It’s too bad Hostess decided to ruin these.

  23. It DO NOT like the mess, nothing like the old recipe. PLEASE bring back the original suzy q


  25. Found them at Target today in Los Angeles. Bought a box (of 8), and was sorely disappointed. The cake is square, very small, and light. The original Suzy Q had dark, thick chocolate cakes and lots of fluffy frosting between them. I was so disenchanted with the one I ate, that I threw the other 7 in the garbage. Hostess failed big time on this oldie. I’ll never trust them again.
    Los Angeles, CA

  26. Hostess should not even have bothered! Suzy Q’s were one of my favorite childhood memories…. unfortunately, that’s where it will have to stay…in my memories. They said Janet asked 36 times to bring Suzy Q back. The truth is, Janet is still waiting! These are nothing like the original, so don’t waste your money! The cakes are small ( at least 25% smaller than Suzy Q of old), dryer, tasteless and cut, not rounded. The filling is much less and not the right kind and they don’t have that deep rich chocolate flavor I cherished! Too bad they didn’t come out as a single to try first! I never would have bought a whole 8 pack!

  27. I wish that you would have brought the same SUZY Q back that were like the originals. Alot of the cake sticks to the cardboard and also on your fingers and what falls on the counter and the floor. It is nothing like the original SuzyQ. Also more cream in the former ones. Disappointed.


  28. Am a HUGE fan of the Hostess Suzy Q’s so when my hubby brought a box home we were both so EXCITED to eat them. We opened the box to a disappointing rectangular small light brown cake, I proceeded to open it and the whole top and bottom was stuck to the wrapping, ok no problem I always licked the bottom off of the wrapping anyway. So we proceeded to take a bite and to our dismay I almost spit it out! WTF!! This is not a Suzy Q! This is a tasteless attempt at what was something so delicious, the cake was dry, and tasted NOTHING like chocolate and the center was not creamy at all, and left a bad after taste in our mouths. Suzy Q’s are an iconic part of Hostess and I felt you should’ve put alittle more Love in it. We are very disappointed in your attempt at the “New Suzy Q!” Oh and I was trying to look for a Best Buy date to see if they were old, but it didn’t even have a date on it!??? Signed Very Disappointed!

  29. Ugh! Another wonderful childhood favorite thrown in the crapper! Suzy Q’s were my favorite snack cake…..the moist & spongy cake, the sweet & creamy filling, the rich chocolate taste of the cake. Fast forward to today….bone dry cake, lousy filling & it’s half the size! I actually returned the package for a refund just on principle. If Hostess (or whomever the current parent company is) doesn’t get it’s act together and start making the classic Suzy Q’s again, I hope another company comes up with a reasonable knock off of the original.
    Bummer Dude!

  30. the original Suzy Qs were my favorite ,,,just bought a box and what a let down..this is a joke I guess,,,you blew it hostess….never would buy again ,,,guess they will just have to be a memory for me …false advertising on box saying they were back ….ugh

  31. Does anyone know where i can find hostess Suzie Q’s at. Would love to buy a bunch of them for myself please share with me if you know. I live in Hesperia, California. In the high desert. Plz text me@
    442 600 1840

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