SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Spicy Pepperoni and Spicy Chicken Jalapeno Hot Pockets

Spicy Pepperoni and Spicy Chicken Jalapeno Hot Pockets

A “Burnin'” Spicy Pepperoni Hot Pocket has reduced fat mozzarella cheese, diced jalapeños, and a sriracha cayenne pizza sauce in a crispy crust. The “Scorchin'” Spicy Chicken Jalapeño Hot Pocket has white meat chicken, reduced fat cheddar, jalapeños, bell peppers, and sriracha cheese sauce in a crispy crust. Huh. I’m surprised “sriracha” wasn’t used the names of these. (Spotted by Dorothy at Walmart.)

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5 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Spicy Pepperoni and Spicy Chicken Jalapeno Hot Pockets”

  1. The problem with trying these out is I’ve only seen them in 5-packs. Clearly they are trying to make more money from limited edition things by making you have to suffer through 5 of them instead of 2.

    1. Are these limited edition? I don’t see it on the packaging. (They do look like suffering, however.)

      1. Hey, you’ve got a point. They don’t say limited edition. Fingers crossed.

        As someone who has always loved spicy and even “spicy” things, the food market has been heaven lately.

        1. I enjoy spicy, up to a point. And I like Hot Pockets. But the two combined just sounds like a night of Imodium and an Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader.

  2. All I want to know is WHERE CAN I BUY THE SPICY PEPPERONI??? I’ve tried it and it’s absolutely delicious…..but I can’t find it anymore! I would buy it if I could find it!!!

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