COMING SOON: Coffee Nut, Honey Nut, and Chili Nut M&M’s

M Ms Flavor Vote

Update: We reviewed them! Click here to read our review.

In March, Mars will run a promotion called M&M’s Flavor Vote that’ll involve three new Peanut M&M’s flavors: Coffee Nut, Honey Nut, and Chili Nut. Voting will take place from the end of March to the middle of June. The image above come from an ad in Progressive Grocer magazine.

What’s really interesting about these flavors is the use of Peanut M&M’s. All the previous flavored M&M’s (pumpkin spice, peppermint, candy corn, pecan pie, I’m going to stop now or else this list will get super long) have either been milk chocolate or white chocolate M&M’s.

(Hat tip to Carla)

64 thoughts to “COMING SOON: Coffee Nut, Honey Nut, and Chili Nut M&M’s”

  1. I’m betting that honey nut will be the winner. Seems like the most logical flavour combo. Though I’d love to see dark chocolate/chili M&Ms sans peanuts.

      1. I have to agree the chili m&m’s are a fantastic unique blend of sweet & spicy. What a refreshing taste the others pale by comparison.

      1. coffee nut is the best. Honey nut is just sweeter, and chili hits you on the way down.

      1. Where in North Dakota or South Dakota, Minnesota can I find the Coffee Nut M&M’s? They are the best!

  2. Coffee and chili nut varieties look intriguing. I like peanut M&Ms more and hate it when I get regular M&Ms in my stocking every year.

  3. I’d totally try the Coffee and Honey nut ones. Long as M&M’s doesn’t try to be like Lay’s and ask for people to submit ideas. I don’t think we need Ranch flavored M&M’s in this lifetime..

  4. Oi…here we go again ,trying to pick from some gawd aweful combos…
    I’ll put my money on Coffee since many drink the stuff…
    Chili ..ick…yuck…what are they thinkin ???

      1. Chili are much too hot to be a candy. This is an adult candy flavor. I don’t see stores seperating these from the kids.

    1. Chili and chocolate are a very natural combo and have been used together for a thousand years both have deep roots in Mexico Central America South America and More recently South West USA
      Great combo for sure

    2. They were Probably thinking that Cocoa (dark chocolate) Came from MesoAmerican. civilization So did Chili Peppers Ect . The Mayas Would infuse the Chocolate and The Chili . We in Mexico Know It as “Mole” . Bomb As food right there

  5. I love coffee and I love peanut M&Ms so this I got to taste. Hopefully, the combination will not disappoint. The chili nut sounds interesting as well.

  6. My mom works at a chocolate factory and I havn’t tried Coffee but chilinut is amazing i love it sweet but leaves a spicy flavor in your mouth and honey tastes the exact same as normal….

  7. way to leak content that isn’t supposed to be known. Someone needs to re-read their NDA that they signed when they were hired.

    1. Anon, You might benefit from reading the exact words that Lee wrote. They do not work at the plant, their mother does. So, citing an NDA has no relevance here. Further, no trade secrets were divulged. Whatever was shared here is all common knowledge.

  8. Any idea where these might be available? Stores here almost never had the Lay’s in stock, but being a stone’s throw from the Mars mausoleum, things might be different?

  9. Since these come out in Mid March will they be available at all stores or just select stores?

  10. Tasted the chilli ones they were really nice interesting honey nut were ok they were in the times square store new york

  11. Tried all three the other day and all three are DELICIOUS!!! I can’t vote on just one. The chili nut is not what you’d think, it doesn’t taste like chili with meat and beans. It tastes like chocolate with a hint of a spicy pepper.


  12. Im from independence Mo what stores are selling them so I can try them love M&Ms

  13. I tryed all 3 m&ms coffee maid my head hurt chillie ones i did not like but the Honey ones i loved alot my kids love them too Honey are going to win forsure

  14. Coffee nut and honey nut are the best! Just an idea, you can also make a coconut nut, it will be the bumb!

  15. I could only find Honey nut and Chili nut. I didn’t think I would like either, but I LOVE the Chili nut. Very disappointed that I cannot find Coffee nut anywhere. I’m sure that would be the best. There will be chance if that flavor winning if it isn’t as available as the other flavors.

  16. I am still looking the CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Walmart were all out. Please put more out so all of us get a chance to vote.

  17. Omg the chilli ones are amazing , found some out of iowa now I can’t find anymore I’m craving them.

  18. Where in North Dakota or South Dakota, Minnesota can I find the Coffee Nut M&M’s? They are the best!

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