REVIEW: Mtn Dew Game Fuel Berry Lime

Mountain Dew Game Fuel Berry Lime

I’m a bit past my gaming “wonder years” when I would spend hours on end using one hand to make Kirby eat his enemies whilst blindly stuffing corn chips into my own gaping maw with the other.

Growing up means learning to manage my time more wisely. Gobbling down Doritos with two hands is way more efficient!

Despite this, I’ve vowed to never become that uncool adult who calls every Xbox “a Nintendo” and insists Pokémon is pronounced “Pokee-mans.” So to stay hip, I’ve decided I need to start drinking Mtn Dew Game Fuel again.

Wait, kids don’t say “hip” anymore? My apologies. I believe the correct term is “#$wag.”

I haven’t had a sip of Game Fuel since it was first released in Citrus Cherry flavor to promote Halo 3 in 2007. I’ve mentioned before how I still have 3 cans of sealed Halo 3 Dew in my basement, and while they probably have the corrosiveness and flavor of Xenomorph blood now, they remind me of a simpler time when Mtn Dew actually spelled out the word “Mountain.” Back in my day, vowels were cool! Whippersnappers!

But now in its 6th iteration, Game Fuel is back to promote Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Citrus Cherry has returned, as usual, but 2015’s flavor n00b is Berry Lime.

Mountain Dew Game Fuel Berry Lime 2

With the color of a melted Gumby, the tempting turquoise liquid hissed at me as I cracked it open. And as I took a sip, that hiss became a bite. The fizzy carbonation here is strong enough to lift you into the ceiling, which now has to be washed and sterilized! So you get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir!

But the burn of the bubbles is paired pleasantly with the initial hit of berry flavor. The berries form a potent good cop/bad cop duo: first, a wave of bright, friendly blueberry sweet-talks your taste buds, but then a puckering tang of blue raspberry lays the smack down on ‘em with a surprise suplex from behind.

It’s a charming one-two punch that segues smoothly into the palpable lime aftertaste. More light and tropical than it is sour, this lime is what really appeals to me, because it tastes almost exactly like a liquefied Lime Skittle. And everyone knows Lime was the best Skittle before it was unceremoniously killed off and replaced with that bastard Green Apple Skittle.

R.I.P., Lime Skittle: I’ll pour a little bit of Dew out for you, my homie.

As the candied lime flavor peters out, I’m left again with the unfortunate back-of-mouth-funk and throat-stickiness that all new Dews seem to give. But unlike the grittiness of the recent Mtn Dew Black Label’s real sugar, the corn syrup here leaves my throat feeling slimier than a ’90s Nickelodeon game show.

Mountain Dew Game Fuel Berry Lime 3

The whole experience really is a bit like a more carbonated (thumbs up) and more artificial (thumbs down) version of Black Label. But it’s still as addictive as Minesweeper, and it’s hard to stay mad at a drink that simultaneously reunites me with my dearly departed Lime Skittle while also making me feel like I’m a vampire suckling on the life essence of a Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher.

So while it probably won’t make me a Major League Gamer, this nostalgic and tasty Dew will at least make sure I don’t confuse Mario with Chef Boyardee.

(Nutrition Facts – 1 bottle – 280 calories, 0 grams of fat, 85 milligrams of sodium, 75 grams of carbohydrates, 74 grams of sugar, 0 grams of protein, and 113 milligrams of caffeine.)

Item: Mtn Dew Game Fuel Berry Lime
Purchased Price: $1.79
Size: 20 fl oz bottle
Purchased at: Campus convenience store
Rating: 8 out of 10
Pros: Two berries of blue in my Dew = woo-hoo! Lime Skittle memories. Willy Wonka levels of carbonation. Flavor suplexes. Repeatedly whispering the phrase “tempting turquoise” to myself in an empty room.
Cons: Nickelodeon levels of throat sliminess. Probably too sweet to drink with Doritos. Whpprsnpprs. “Thank you Chef Boyardee, but our princess is in another pasta can.”

17 thoughts to “REVIEW: Mtn Dew Game Fuel Berry Lime”

  1. I do have good news on the Skittles front at least- their ‘Harvest’ bag (dark green) has lime in it! They’re back! And they have peach, red apple, orange, and cherry as well in there. Very good, I recommend them highly.

    As for this Dew, I’m intrigued enough to try a bottle, but usually I end up hating their special flavors- the cherry citrus Game Fuel is just wretched to me. I still wish they’d do another batch of the lime one they had from the flavor-select contest several years ago, I can’t think of the name of it but I loved that stuff.

  2. You probably don’t have to worry until you find yourself using one hand to stuff corn chips into your mouth and the other hand to shake your fist while yelling “Get off my lawn!”.

  3. I’m pretty sure this is just 30% Baja blast, 70% voltage, at least it tastes a lot like those two, and the colors would turn out about that shade I’d think. It’s pretty tasty, kinda a melted bomb pop flavor to me.

  4. All the posts on this board are usually well written and entertaining. As a matter of fact I don’t believe I have better writing anywhere else.

    This post stands out.

  5. These Mountain Dew special flavors should be labeled as energy drinks based on the amount of sugar in them.

  6. I finally found this product at 7/11 and I snagged one up for the insane price of $1.79. This is my favorite Mtn Dew… better than Voltage, better than Baja Blast, better than etc. It makes me want to mix Baja Blast and Voltage just to see how that would taste.

  7. This is the only Mountain Dew that I have ever tried without finishing the pack. I tried, I really did. I intentionally ran myself out of soda after trying the first can, and still couldn’t drink more than three. Every time I get the courage to try it again I am horrendously disappointed. But I’m not a monster, I finish the can in disgust and put the 12 pack back on the shelf. I wouldn’t recommend buying if it ever comes back, it has to be the worst tasting soda I have ever drank.

    Voltage = Pitch Black (tried pitch black for the first time today, still determining if I like it better or worse than Voltage… tough choice) > Game Fuel (Citrus Cherry ) > Code Red > Black Label > Regular Mountain Dew > Live Wire? (Haven’t had in some time) > Mountain Dew Throwback > Sangrita Blast > White Out > Diet Mountain Dew (I hate diet sodas) > Baja Blast (Berry Lime flavor if I recall, wasn’t too memorable otherwise) > Game Fuel (Berry Lime)

    I have not tried Supernova, Typhon, Solar Flare, or Revolution. That being said, guessing by the colors and flavors I’d probably put most of them right before Live Wire.

  8. I love this berry lime mt dew!!!!!! I can not find it anywhere:( please bring it back!!! Love love love it!!!

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