COMING SOON: Sugar Plum Delight Peeps

Sugar Plum Peeps

After candy cane, hot cocoa, sugar cookie, and gingerbread, you’d think Peeps would come out with an eggnog-flavored Peep this Christmas season, but that’s not the case. Instead the company went with a white fudge dipped sugar plum flavored chick.

These are coming soon as a Target exclusive in 3-count packages.

(Hat tip to Morgan N. Image via the Peeps website.)

Update: They’re available now. Photo below via Chris B.

Peeps Sugar Plum Delight

7 thoughts to “COMING SOON: Sugar Plum Delight Peeps”

  1. well I know what a plum tastes like and I know what a peep tastes like but I don’t know what a sugar plum tastes like, hopefully we will find out soon! Lol

  2. Sugar… plum… Peeps…

    I *may* need to make a special visit to Target. And I rarely ever go to Target, so really, all of my Target visits are special. But this one would be an *extra* special marshmallow mission.

    Also, is the “do not use a knife to open” a new warning, or one I’ve just never noticed before? Was there some tragic Peep package knife accident that made the news at some point?

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