FAST FOOD NEWS: Mountain Dew Pitch Black at Speedway

Mtn Dew Pitch Black at Speedway

Are you sad you didn’t win one of the cases of Mountain Dew Pitch Black in December? If you live near a Speedway, you need to turn that frown upside down because the grape-flavored Dew is available from their soda fountains.

The photo above was taken by Impulsive Buy reader Kalista, who was also told by one of the convenience store employees that it’s exclusively available at Speedway.

If you don’t live near a Speedway, just be patient. It appears Pitch Black is coming back for everyone.

20 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Mountain Dew Pitch Black at Speedway”

  1. Ohhhhh yeah. The whole “Buy 6 cups, get one free” will definitely be my most used coupon now.

  2. thats not fair that fl has it and we dont.. and soda is usalyl bittter. il stick to juice but nice try

  3. I went to Speedway the other day and it wasn’t there, when will it be at speedway gas stations?

      1. Well, I hope it’s there soon. My luck it won’t be there for another month and a half ?

  4. If anyone knows of its status at the El Sobrante, CA shop, for the love of god let me know. I NEED this.

  5. Just to let everyone know the new kick start midnight grape taste almost exactly the same.

    1. No, it doesn’t. It’s Crush Grape shit. Midnight Grape will never taste exactly like this. Black Label is a better candidate as PB’s replacement.

  6. Found it at the Speedway in Jackson MI on Wisner Street.
    Taste’s like I remember it, but more strong (as it IS in a fountain machine)

  7. I live in ohio. If anyone hears about pitch black being at a speedway can someone please let me know. I havent had one in 14 years and in dying for one.

    1. I know in Northeastern Ohio, one of the managers told me they will be having it installed around the 17/18/19th ish of Feburary. A guy has to come in and take a different soda out, clean out the system or whatever, and then install it. I assume if they are getting it around then, the other local Speedways will be getting it too. This is around the Cleveland/Euclid/Mentor/Painsville area.

      1. pitch black on fountain and freeze confirmed at speedway at 5810 State Rd, Cleveland, OH 44134.

    1. It has a weird taste to it. It tastes like how I’d imagine motor oil to taste or gasoline.

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