SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Heinz Carolina and Memphis BBQ Sauces

Heinz Carolina and Memphis BBQ Sauces

I’m gonna squirt Carolina and Memphis BBQ sauce on EVERYTHING! (Spotted by Stephen B at Meijer.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Heinz Carolina and Memphis BBQ Sauces”

  1. Wow, these are new? I just bought the Carolina sauce as a BBQ sauce lover not knowing it was new. The stuff is VERY vinegary and has quite the kick. Not even that much tomato-y BBQ sauce flavor.

    If I recall correctly, there were one or two other sauces in this line, too. I forget the names, but I’ll snap a pic next time I’m at Meijer.

    1. The Carolina one sounds so good!!! There is a vinegar based BBQ joint in TN (Whitt’s) that is my all time fave. Thanks for the review!!!!

    2. That’s what Carolina based sauce is. Little to no tomato and all vinegar…usually apple cider vinegar. Sounds like I need to find this stuff!

  2. At Walmart we found a Heinz 4 pack containing Carolina, Memphis, Texas and Kansas City flavors…albei in half-size bottles. Every flavor was great but the Carolina was my favorite.

  3. Ok, I picked up the Carolina BBQ sauce at Walmart today and it is great! Why is it SO difficult to find these products anywhere on the company website?? I research all my food and I want to know every last bit about it, yet nothing on Heinz and I’ve experienced the same on Vlasic’s website….very vague product info???

  4. The Carolina sauce is sups and I am a sauce person. Plan to try them all. Could not find them online for some reason to see all of the new ones. Walmart has them .

  5. Carolina! This is by far the best store bought sauce I have ever had. Just like famous high end sauce. Cannot say enough on this sauce…been searching for this for years.

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