SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Doritos Mix Cheese Explosion and Taco Explosion

Doritos Mix Cheese Explosion

Doritos Mix Taco Explosion

Four flavors and four shapes stuffed into one mouth. (Spotted by The Groove Machine at Walmart.)

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4 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Doritos Mix Cheese Explosion and Taco Explosion”

  1. The Taco Mix looks really tempting! Nice choice of flavors. But the Cheese explosion… i doubt you will taste a significant difference in the cheese flavors especially when you eat them not seperate but all at once and mixed…
    I’m open to being convinced otherwise. ^^

  2. Bought small bags of both flavors. A big let down. The nacho cheese just overpowers the other flavors in the bag.

    1. I do agree somewhat. I think the ratio of regular Dorito’s shaped chips in the bag really takes too big of a role over the rest of the other flavors. But I can still tell the difference between each flavor when I eat one individually. They should have put more flavor into the Jumpin’ Jack Cheese…..the shape is just like the Takis but is nowhere near as intense in flavor. In my bag, the Doritos were all at the top while the smaller pieces stayed at the bottom.

  3. Tried both. In general, it is far from a relatively even mix: the standard Doritos account for at least a majority of the number of the “pieces” (and, given that the Doritos chips are by far the biggest pieces of the four, even more in terms of volume). The twists and “Taki” sized pieces are present, and the small triangle pieces seemed to be by far the fewest (and thus even smaller given its relative size).

    Cheese Explosion: A lot of cheese without a ton of differentiation, at least to my unrefined palette, though it’s possible that three of the four flavors just kind of got combined. The Doritos are called Nacho Cheese but don’t have quite the same kick as do the standard Nacho Cheese Doritos in the red bags. The Taki (Jumpin Jack) and twists (Four Cheese)…I couldn’t taste much difference between the two, and they were maybe a little milder than the (somewhat tame) Nacho Cheese. The small triangle was Spicy Nacho and did have a decent kick but weren’t as spicy as the…

    Taco Explosion: This had much more distinguishable tastes. The main Doritos are Spicy Nacho, and these did have a noticeable kick (I don’t recall having the Spicy Nacho Doritos in the dark red bags, so I can’t compare it to that; they were spicier than standard Nacho Cheese Doritos and thus more spicy than the “Nacho Cheese” Doritos in the Cheese Explosion bag above). The twists very much did remind me of sour cream, while the “Takis” (taco flavored) had at least a hint of beef or something that made it somewhat different than Spicy Nacho chip, thought it didn’t quite have the same taste as the Taco Doritos in the bag with a cowboy hat. The triangle pieces (Salsa) reminded me of salsa, maybe a picante version (maybe it’s like the Salsa Verde chips in the green bags? I don’t recall what those taste like).

    I don’t regret the purchase, though make sure you like the main Dorito flavor and know that (assuming my bags weren’t outliers) the extras are clearly sidekicks rather than co-stars.

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