SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Nabisco Good Thins (Sweet Potato, Spinach & Garlic, and Original)

Nabisco Good Thins (Sweet Potato, Spinach & Garlic, and Original)

Soooo there’s Wheat Thins, Rice Thins, and now something that could’ve been called Potato Thins That Aren’t Potato Chips. Spud Thins could’ve been a good…I mean, horrible name. (Spotted by Kevin G at Walmart.)

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23 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Nabisco Good Thins (Sweet Potato, Spinach & Garlic, and Original)”

    1. i haven’t had popchips in a while, but these aren’t exactly like them from what i remember. they are more of a thinner, flaky pringles texture. i tried the sweet potato and it is delicious; there’s a subtle sweet powdery coating on them too.

  1. I actually work for Nabisco and these were originally called, “Potato Thin’s” but we decided to merge them with the already existing, “Rice Thin’s” and create Good Thin’s. The name is awful but the product itself is very good but would have preferred a different name.

    1. I can confirm that they are really freaking good (or at least the Spinach Garlic ones are, which are what I just tried).

      As far as comparing them to Pop Chips, I tried Pop Chips one time and hated them, but it may have been the flavor.

      1. The “Sea Salt and Pepper” and “Veggie” flavors are gluten-free. It says it right on the front of the box. The “veggie” one is pretty good and the “Sea Salt and black pepper” is excellent.

    2. I have been a HUGE fan of rice thins! Particularly the seat salt and black pepper for quite some time. Def a once a week grocery store purchase!!! 2 box minimum !! I was PLEASANTLY surprised to find…the 2 box special for $6 at shoprite of good thin sweet potato chips and seat salt black pepper… We’re my old rice thins!!!!!! My favorite chip ever!! (Since kids). Of course… Nothing can ever take the place of a good ol’fashion Lays potato chip. However… These chips are pretty dam close!!!!! the sweet potato chips are in a class of their own. Beyond satisfying…. Guilt free and totally addicting Anyone that has been to my house in the past month can totally vouch!! My new obsession. But if I had any advice for Nabisco it would be this …. I think the marketing team should consider putting the flavors that are available on the back of the box Although it is extremely simplistic clutter free and “extremely natural looking”…. Once you fall in love with these as a consumer you want to see what else they have in store for you!!! I know I did! First thing I did was look for other flavors? Nothing.!!!!!
      However I’m sure this product won’t take long to take off!! It’s def a winner !!!!

  2. Was excited to try these. Disappointed once I tried the first one! Bland and looked visibly burnt and tasted awful.

  3. I tried a box of spinach and garlic goof thins. I opened the box and picked out a burnt chip. I then looked in the box and realized that ALL of them were burnt. I couldn’t be more disappointed. I expected more from Nabisco!

    1. I had the same problem….that’s why I’m checking reviews. The first box of the sweet potato flavor was very good, so I bought 2 boxes the next time. Both boxes were burnt. Since the first box was not that way, I knew these should not have made it to packaging. I called the 800 number for comments, and they are sending me a coupon for enough to replace the 2 bad batches. You should do the same…..they will ask for bar code number and expiration date. Good luck!

  4. I just had the spinach garlic ones…toasted, not burnt, as some have commented. Anyway, it may be the spinach, but it seems to have a ‘fishy’ aftertaste. So, good while you are eating them, but the lingering aftertaste is not really what I want. Will never buy again (and I LOVE spinach/garlic)

  5. Sweet potato thins are amazing. Where is cheapest place to buy? Going to buy in bulk.

  6. i love them! i love the sweet potato the most, and then the veggie blend. i just got some sea salt and cracked pepper ones i haven’t tried yet, and everyone in my office is buying them! i think they’re great. 🙂

  7. The Chicpea ones are nasty & leave an aftertaste. The sweet potato taste good but the chips are so fragile half the box is crumbs(I bought 2 boxes. Results were the same). The garlic & herb were ok but many other better choices. The manufacturer really missed the mark.

  8. I’m eating the chickpea garlic & herb right this very moment.

  9. You can’t find the spinach garlic here, they just fly off the shelves. A friend introduced me and I am totally in love. I haven’t seen a bad batch, no burned chips here. My daughter loves the sweet potato. I dip the spinach garlic in veggie cream cheese and the sweet potato in the brown sugar cinnamon cream cheese. I have everyone at work eating these things. I just ordered a bulk box since I can’t even find them in the stores now.

  10. If you eat gluten free don’t even bother trying the corn/sea salt gluten free ones.

    Terrible texture and very bland taste and the surface looks and feels like it was sprayed with shellac.

    Total waste of money when there are so many other great products out there.

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